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Which Lime Crime Colors Will Bring Out Your Inner Unicorn?




“If you ignore beauty you will soon find yourself out of it,” were the words of wisdom left to us by Franklin Lloyd Wright. Lime Crime, like an angel sent from heaven, has bestowed unto us products of immense beauty that we cannot ignore. With us is the all-new Lime Crime’s Unicorn Queen Products. These products are a branch of the broader unicorn inspired products. After just a few days since launching, consumers can get enough of the commodities. A wild guess would be that it is due to the impressive quality offered by older products in the line.

If you are the kind of person that gets excited by highlighting your features with the fairy-tale look, then the new Hi-lite highlighter palette is meant just for you. The tri-pan contains three colors of a nearly-neon shade. The colors are Happyland (vivid pink by appearance), Frolic (lime green) and Daydreamin’ (dayglo violet in color). Lime Crime has pictures of swatches on the product page site; and from, the look of how things are going, their glow will be high impact.

Diamond Crusher Lip-gloss

With Lime Crimes’ Diamond Crusher lip-glosses you can say goodbye to dry flaky lips. Just like oil is used to hydrate the skin, lip-glosses have the quality of hydrating our lips. Apart from getting beautifully colored lips, you get the extra benefit of making the lips look more beautiful naturally once you remove the lip-gloss at the end of the day. The retail price for each is $18. The three shades available for this product are Meadow (sparkly mint), Unicorn Queen (shimmering violent) and Over the Rainbow (sparkly white). Naturally, these glosses are not pigmented, but sparkle like crystals and are just perfect for the occasion where you want to stir with your look.

Lip-gloss is a favorite of many people because of the ease of application that comes with it. Unlike lipstick, you can apply gloss on the go without having a mirror to look at. But to do so like the boss you are, the trick is to apply the middle part of your lip with the dipstick and spread it evenly by rubbing your lips together.

Knowing how effective and impressive Lime Crime’s products are, it is not surprising to get people interested in purchasing an entire collection. The entire bundle will cost you only $76 and give you much more value than that.

Having gotten a kick of publicity by approval by a Kardashian, Sparkly Mythical Beauty category – GlamGlow is releasing a glitter face mask for the holidays. The mask displayed on the models face is black with star-shaped glitters. The face mask, unlike other glitter masks, does not leave your face with glitter residue. It is a therapeutic tool for the skin that makes your face smoother and softer and bringing out the natural beauty within.

Lime crime hair dye

Lime crime blue hair dye is another product that has excelled well; the unicorn inspired brand has seen more and more people rush to try out because of the wide product color range that the product offers. The dye is well formulated such that it does not cause your hair to dry out and thus break off. For lime crime dye, there is a basic procedure of application that gets that hair looking magical.

Here is how to apply the lime crime dye:

• Begin with clean and unconditioned hair;

• Wear protective gloves;

• Pour the desired amount of dye in a bowl;

• Start with one-inch strands beginning at the root and working to the end;

• For more intense results leave the dye between 1-2 hours;

• Rinse hair until water runs clear;

• You can then style to your liking.

Lime Crime has a vegan and cruelty-free policy where they ensure that no product is tested on animals and that their manufacturing and testing conform to socially accepted principles. The vegan makeups do not contain any animal ingredients or by-products such as beeswax, lanolin, whey and carmine.

Lime Crime products are certified by the leaping bunny group which is a group of human rights groups from different countries. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have also certified Lime Crime as being vegan and cruelty-free. PETA is widely recognized in stopping animal cruelty. It is the most recognized animal advocacy institution in the USA.

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