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How long does a Leisure Battery last Off Grid?

Annelise Sylta



In this article, we explore the answer to the question, ‘How long does a Leisure Battery last Off-Grid?’ We will look at the lifespan of leisure batteries and how they are used in different situations. You will also find out what factors influence their lifespan and why it is vital to maintain them properly.

Leisure batteries

Leisure batteries provide a steady voltage of 12 volts and often power home appliances, motor homes, and caravans for a long time. The most common type of leisure batteries is acid-led batteries, gel batteries, AGM batteries, and maintenance-free batteries.

How long does a leisure battery last off-grid?

The life of a leisure battery is dependent on the way it’s used. Leisure batteries generally last for around 2000 cycles after being fully discharged. The battery life also depends on the type of battery you choose.

  • Led-acid batteries last for about two-four years, &
  • Gel batteries can work up to five to seven years with proper care.

Factors that affect how long your battery will last

Several factors affect how long your battery will last. These include:

  1. The type of battery and the number of times it has been cycled (discharged and recharged).
  2. How often do you charge your battery, and at what rate?
  3. The lifespan of a leisure battery also depends on its use. Suppose it is used for deep cycling (discharging the battery until it is completely flat). In that case, the lifespan of your battery will be much shorter than if it is used for shallow cycling (discharging the battery only partially).
  4. How much power do you draw from your battery at any one time?
  5. The number of times you use your inverter for appliances such as fridges and freezers per day.
  6. The amount of time between each discharge/charge cycle (referred to as float life).

Follow these tips to increase the lifespan of your battery

The average lifespan of a leisure battery is 2-3 years, but this can vary depending on how often you use it and how well you look after it. If you follow our tips below, then we expect them to last longer than the average lifespan:

  1. Keep your batteries topped up – Even if you are not using the battery, you must charge it anyhow. If the batteries are not charged regularly, it might affect the battery’s lifespan in the long run, and ultimately it might cause internal damage to the battery.
  2. Check the water levels regularly – don’t wait until they are too low before checking them again! Check them every few weeks.
  3. Make sure all connections are tight – if there are any loose connections on your leisure battery then this can cause corrosion or short circuits which will shorten its life expectancy significantly!

How long will a leisure battery last with an inverter?

Usually, a 12 volts battery will last up to 10-17 hours when connected to an inverter. The performance of a leisure battery usually depends on three factors,

  • the type of battery being used,
  • the size of the battery, and
  • the load size.

To determine the running hours of a 12 volts battery with an inverter, we can multiply battery amp-hours by 12 and then divide it by load hours.  

How long will the caravan battery last off-grid?

A leisure caravan battery will last for about 4-5 years when it is taken care of. The lifespan of a battery depends on the efforts being put into its maintenance. If the battery is not being taken care of during and after its use, its lifespan might get less than one year.

How long will a fully charged camper van battery last?

Charging a campervan battery after being fully discharged will last up to 2000 cycles. The lifespan of these batteries depends on several reasons like temperature, number of appliances being used with the help of battery, care, and maintenance being put into it.

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