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Joseph J. Simons Appointed as FTC Chief




Joseph J. Simons has been appointed as the head of the Federal Trade Commission by President Trump. For starters, Mr. Simons is an experienced antitrust lawyer who has worked with major tech giants in the United States such Microsoft. This comes at a time when corporate consolidation has become an issue in the widening bipartisan politics. A statement about his appointment was issued on Thursday by the White House. Appointments for the remaining two seats at the agency were also filled by President Trump. One of the positions was awarded to the chief counsel of Texas Senator John Cornyn. The counsel goes by the name Noah Philips. At the same time, the other position was taken a consumer advocacy group fellow known as Rohit Chopra. This is according to the information that was released by assistant press secretary White House Natalie M. Strom. The Federal Trade Commission can be regarded as a consumer protection as well as competition agency that has had two leaders in the last 10 months. For instance, the department has been under the leadership of Makan Delrahim who was recently moved to the Justice Department. While the nominations come at an unclear timing, it’s expected that they will be confirmed by the Congress without any hiccup.

This is not the first time that Mr. Simons will serve in this capacity as he used to work in the same position for the Bush administration. It is expected that he will resume the institution’s role in implementing conservative approaches as well as maintaining its approach in anti-trust issues. However, he is likely to face some tests with the new skepticism that has been introduced by big companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google. This comes after consumer interest groups, and members of both political parties have expressed their desire in coming up with better regulations. They target the growing influence and dominance of these companies when it comes to determining public opinion, commerce, and digital advertising. For instance, three American companies were accused of interfering with the US elections. These companies are Facebook, Twitter, and Google. During the Obama administration, opponents complained that the body was a light touch when dealing with the tech sector. The failure of the body in America can be proved by the recent episode where Google was fined by European regulators. The body was recently criticized at the way that it handled the recent acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon.

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