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Joe Taub Dies at the Age of 88




With the help of his brother, Joe Taub managed to build ADP from the ground. This was a giant payroll processing company from America. Joe Taub also asked for help from Franck R. Lautenbery in establishing the company. Mr. Lautenberg would later become a United States senator from New Jersey. Joe Taub was also a fan of basketball, and this helped him buy the New Jersey Nets. He owned the Nets for over 30 years. Well, Joe Taub has died at the age of 88. He died on 27 October, and he was living in Manhattan during the time of his death. Reports about his death were confirmed by his son-in-law Scott Tesser. He will be remembered as being part of the syndicate that managed to acquire the Nets back in 1978. He played basketball during his high school days. The group that owned the Net was referred to as the Secaucus Seven and he was the most public member. This is a group that was very notorious for going after every big name in the coaching job. This ultimately led to the success of the National Basketball Association in many ways. During a telephone interview, a former NBA commissioner known as David Stern said that the deceased was a great fan of basketball and sports. He was also a person who was concerned about the well-being of the players.

At one time, he was the principal owner of the Nets and its president. He later became a minority owner. However, the Times can confirm that he never owned majority stakes in the sports entity despite being referred to as a principal owner. In a team of cautious owners, Joe Taub is remembered as the most aggressive investor. The team of investors also included his brother. Back in 1979, Joe Taub told investors that he wanted to build a solid foundation that would form the basis for a championship win for the club. People who can remember say that this promise looked like a possibility as the Nets managed to win 44 games that season. Joe Taub was born and raised in a small New Jersey neighborhood of Paterson. While his mother was a homemaker, his father was a junk dealer. During his days as a student at Eastside High School, he managed to play basketball as a forward. He continued with this streak when he joined Rutgers University. It’s worth to note that he never graduated from the institution.

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