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Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Believe in Advocacy For All Groups




Human Rights
In order to preserve the civil, human and migrant rights of those who live in the country and those who are visiting, there needs to be some type of advocacy group that will stand up against the opposition. All humans, whether they are women, migrants, homosexuals or others, deserve to have someone stand up and declare that they have equal rights like everyone else.


American Civil Liberties Union

This is a group that defends the rights and liberties of all people as set forth in the Constitution. The group has worked for about 100 years to defend the rights of everyone in the country so that they can have free speech, freedom of religion and the other freedoms that are guaranteed by the law.


Anti-Defamation League

Jewish people are protected by this league that was formed in 1913. The goal is to stop the defamation of these people so that they can live and work safely in the country. This is one of the larger groups in the United States as it now fights against all types of bigotry and supports those who are of the Jewish faith as well.


Border Angels

Volunteers operate this non-profit group that is designed to support immigrants. They believe in immigration reform and work with leaders across the country to deliver the same rights to immigrants that natural-born citizens have. Efforts are focused on the border of the United States and Mexico. There are several education programs for children or immigrants as well as outreach programs that help to make life a bit more sustainable for immigrants until they are citizens of the country.


Boys & Girls Clubs Of America

This is a group that helps to protect the rights of children of all ages across the country. It works with children after school and in the summer by providing help with homework and even meals if the family can’t afford to buy food. There are partnerships with older men and women who take a child under their wing to give them support and encouragement in all aspects of life.


The Center For Reproductive Rights

Women are protected through the efforts of this group of volunteers. This is a group that is known around the world for protecting the reproductive rights of all women, whether they want to have an abortion, deliver and raise a baby or place a baby for adoption. Quality healthcare is a resource that all women deserve, and the group tries to secure that healthcare in a manner so that women pay very little, if anything, to visit a doctor for their needs.


Council On American-Islamic Relations

There are few people who discuss this group, but it’s one that is gaining more attention because of the views that President Donald Trump has expressed since entering the office. The group serves to protect the rights and liberties of those who are Muslims.


Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund

Those who are disabled are protected by this group of leaders and volunteers. They educate those with disabilities about what causes the health issue and how to live with the disability. Volunteers also educate family members and caretakers about ways to help those who have disabilities so that life can be a bit easier. Funds are received through donations and special events.



This is an organization that seeks to protect the wildlife and other aspects of the globe. Workers vow to have a cleaner environment for the future by looking for cleaner energy options and teaching others about how to recycle and keep the earth beautiful. Clients are represented at no charge as the organization offers environmental law assistance as well.


Lambda Legal

The LGBT population is protected by the efforts of this organization. The volunteers working with this group support the legal issues that the LGBT community faces while offering protections so that they are safe while working or even walking on the street. Educational courses are given about the rights that this group has and about living with HIV or other diseases that are known in this group.


NARAL Pro-Choice

Women are protected by this group as they declare justice for those who want to have a choice about the body that they have. The group accepts donations as this is how it delivers resources and educational materials to women.


NAACP Legal Defense Fund

This is a fund that is used for litigations involving the African American population as well as other races at times if the assistance is needed. Attorneys will meet with the client to discuss the best way to handle the case without charging a fee to the client or the family.

Frontera Fund

Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

Migrants are protected under this fund that has been established by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The money received in the settlement after they were arrested in Phoenix is being used to help migrants. The pair were arrested in 2007, being taken from their homes in the middle of the night by the Sheriff at the time. They were jailed because of information that they had about proceedings from a grand jury hearing involving the Sheriff. The men sued the county and won a $3.75 million settlement that is now being used for educational purposes and advocacy for freedom of speech.

Learn more about the Frontera Fund here

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