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Jason Hope Shares Excitement Over the Internet of Things




Jason Hope, Futurist

The Internet of Things sounds like a nebulous concept, but it really refers to a network of traditionally non-technical objects, such as a refrigerator or a lamp, that involves the receipt and transmission of data. Just like the Internet is credited as one of the most revolutionary developments in human history, the Internet of Things has the potential to completely change the way we live and interact with the world around us. While this may sound cool, some people may still not be sure why it would necessarily have a lamp and a refrigerator that can “talk” to one another all the time.

The reason why the Internet of Things is so promising is that it holds the key to us receiving information and feedback in real time about our surroundings. For example, a lamp could shut itself off when it has not picked up any heat source, or human, moving in a room for more than 30 minutes. A refrigerator could catalog your food choices and inform your home treadmill how long you need to keep walking or running in order to burn off the midnight snack that you just indulged in. These things might seem trivial at first, but when taken as a whole, there are tons of data about our daily lives that could be accumulated and shared in order to make our decisions more automated and accurate. You would no longer need to worry if you left an appliance on in your home after you leave or have a surprise utility bill at the end of the month. Your utility bill could even be cheaper because sensors throughout your home could alert your HVAC system when the temperature changes in certain areas and needs to be kept constant. The receipt of constant data about your life can lead to dramatic changes in how you eat, spend money and relax.

One of the ways that the Internet of Things is expected to improve business operations is that fewer packages would be lost in transit. There would be real time monitoring of all shipments, and sensors would be able to make sure that heat-sensitive products remain at the correct temperature at all times. This will lead to less spoliation of food items and allow food to be shipped to more remote and impoverished areas of the world. This could have massive implications on reducing global poverty and increasing the level of connectedness of people across the world. The potential for more efficient inventory control could also lead to less waste from businesses by avoiding the purchase of products that are not needed, which could reduce our environmental footprint overall. Environmentalists are eager to explore the potential for enhancing sustainable living initiatives through the Internet of Things.

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Europe has been particularly enchanted with the idea of an Internet of Things and has invested heavily in research and development to make this possible. Other countries have lagged behind in their efforts to advance this technology and have yet to truly coordinate their efforts to make this happen faster. If individual countries in Europe continue to develop fragmented technology at their own pass, the initiatives of the European Union to create a coordinated effort could become obsolete.

Jason Hope has become one of the strongest proponents of the Internet of Things for years now. Hope is an entrepreneur, writer, strategist and visionary with plenty to share about the potential of the Internet of Things. This should come as no surprise to anyone who knows of Hope’s background. He has always been a tech futurist and says that he is fascinated with the ability of technology to solve some of society’s most difficult problems and move us forward in exciting ways. He has written extensively about the Internet of Things and the latest developments in increasing the connectivity between non-technical objects. Hope is always at the forefront of advances in the Internet of Things and hopes that other tech leaders will come to see this as an incredible opportunity to take our technology to the next level of functionality.

While Hope says that individuals stand to benefit greatly from the Internet of Things, corporations are the likely candidates to take strides in advancing the development of this technology. They stand the most to gain in the short-term because of the advances in efficiency that the Internet of Things can certainly provide to any company in any industry. Large corporations are the most likely to advance this concept, according to Jason Hope, because they have the most resources to invest in new technology and would be able to most quickly capitalize on the efficiency gains from the Internet of Things in their plants and offices.

Now that Hope has already experienced success as an entrepreneur and philanthropist, he is dedicated to helping the next generation of futurists and scientists to get their innovative ideas off the ground. Hope serves as a mentor and investor to countless young entrepreneurs, and he says he takes great pride in giving them the institutional support and guidance to launch their businesses in a sustainable way. Hope has experience creating the latest in mobile app technology, which allows him to quickly ascertain which project pitches are bound to revolutionize the way that we work and play.

In terms of philanthropy, Hope is most proud of his work in support of the SENS Foundation, which is a research center focused on anti-aging technology and treatments. The SENS Foundation is focused on degenerative diseases that break down the body, such as Alzheimer’s. Rather than only focusing on treatments for these debilitating diseases after a patient is suffering from them, the SENS Foundation is more proactive in its approach and wants to stop these diseases before they ever catch hold. This foundation will continue to be on the cutting-edge of advances in anti-aging research, which is based in large part on the generous contributions of philanthropists like Hope. Hope’s core belief is that research and technology can transform our lives for the better.

For more information on Jason Hope, visit him on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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