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Jared Leto: Climbing New Heights for Music and Dreams




Actor and musician Jared Leto has achieved a remarkable feat, combining his passion for music with an adventurous spirit by climbing the Empire State Building. This stunt was not just a personal challenge but also a promotional event for his band’s upcoming world tour.

Scaling the Iconic Empire State Building

  • Date of Climb: The climb took place on a Thursday, capturing the attention of fans and media alike.
  • Height and Duration: Leto climbed nearly 1,300 feet, from the 86th to the 104th floor, in approximately 20 minutes.
  • Preparation and Challenges: Despite his excitement, Leto admitted the climb was “very, very hard” and required immense endurance and stamina.

Leto’s love for New York City shone through as he spoke about the city’s significance in his journey to fulfilling his dreams. His ambition to scale the building was also fueled by his desire to celebrate and promote the latest album by Thirty Seconds to Mars, “It’s The End Of The World But It’s A Beautiful Day.”

Thirty Seconds to Mars: The Seasons World Tour

  • First Tour Since 2019: The band is embarking on their first world tour since 2019, with shows scheduled across continents.
  • Tour Kickoff: The tour will start at Lollapalooza in Argentina and Chile in March 2024.
  • Stateside Arrival: The tour is set to arrive in the United States in July and conclude in New Zealand in September.

As the 51-year-old “Morbius” star shared his experience, he highlighted the difficulty of the climb and showcased his scraped-up hands as proof of the building’s sharp edges. Leto’s history of daredevil stunts includes free-climbing a hotel wall in Berlin and bungee jumping during a live concert, demonstrating his flair for combining thrill-seeking with performance art.

A Bucket List Achievement

Jared Leto has always been drawn to the Empire State Building, viewing it as a symbol of aspiration and inspiration. By climbing it, he not only ticked off a personal bucket list item but also set a record as the first person to legally scale to its peak, as confirmed by building officials.

The Aftermath of a Daring Feat

Following the climb, Leto humorously remarked that his next destination would be to “climb right into bed,” showcasing his humor and the exhaustion from the daring ascent. His journey up the Empire State Building was not only a testament to his physical prowess but also his dedication to his art and his fans.

Leto’s ascent is not just a show of his physical capabilities but also serves as a metaphor for the heights one can reach in pursuit of their dreams.

Publicity Stunts and Celebrity Antics

Celebrity stunts have long been a staple in the entertainment industry, but Leto’s feat adds a new layer to the trend. By undertaking a physically demanding task that also holds personal significance, Leto merges the concept of entertainment with personal achievement. His actions resonate with those who see iconic structures not just as architectural marvels but as monuments to human potential and creativity.

Conclusion: The Intersection of Art and Adventure

Jared Leto’s climb of the Empire State Building serves as a vivid illustration of how art and adventure can intersect to create memorable moments. It is a display of how artists continuously find creative ways to engage with their audience and promote their work.

For more on Jared Leto’s ascent and the Seasons World Tour, watch a clip of the climb and find tour details here.

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