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Hezbollah Attack on Israel Following Commander’s Death

Jaleel Mwangi



In response to the fatal airstrike on Hezbollah’s senior officer Taleb Abdullah, Hezbollah, a militant group from Lebanon, launched a significant rocket attack on Israel. This has fueled ongoing dispute between Israel and Lebanon.

Precursor Events

Hezbollah fired over 215 rockets and several drones north of Israel. This is one of the biggest recent attacks. The attack was a direct retaliation for Taleb Abdullah’s death in an Israeli airstrike.

  • The initial attack included almost 90 rockets aimed at Tiberias, Safed, and Rosh Pina.
  • About 70 more rockets were fired at Mount Meron region.
  • An additional ten rockets hit the northern area of Zar’it.

A drone from Lebanon blasted in an open space near Zivon community early in the morning. As the day continued, rockets were fired towards Galilee areas situated in the upper and western parts.

Effect and Destruction

While many rockets were blocked by Israeli defence systems some managed to ignite fires across northern Israel. In response, eight planes and 25 firefighting teams were deployed close to Beit Jann, Amiad and Ein Zeitim forest to put out fires.

Although there have been no reported injuries, considerable damage has been inflicted including a missile strike against Kibbutz Sasa’s Plasan armour manufacturing plant which resulted in extensive damage.

A Statement from Hezbollah

In Beirut during a funeral procession Hashem Safieddine, a high ranking Hezbollah official, promised to increase the attacks on Israel. He warned that the worst is yet to come.

  • Hezbollah accepted responsibility for attacking various Israeli military sites
  • The group also announced their intentions to ramp up the frequency and intensity of attacks

Israel’s Response

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel held a briefing regarding the escalating conflict. The IDF confirmed that Abdullah along with three other operators in southern Lebanon’s Jouaiyya region were killed by their forces.

In relation to Abdullah, he was in charge of Hezbollah’s Nasr unit which managed the area stretching from Mount Dov to Bint Jbeil located in southern Lebanon over the past eight months. He played a major role in numerous strikes against northern Israel especially targeting Kiryat Shmona and regions spanning across Galilee and Golan Heights.

International Reactions

A peaceful resolution between Israel and Lebanon was emphasised by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, as he renewed calls for a Gaza ceasefire deal. According To Blinken, this would significantly alleviate tension in Doha while addressing a ceasefire deal.

The Congress Of Christian Leaders president Reverend Johnnie Moore condemned Hezbollah’s actions which targeted historic Christian locations within northern Israel citing cultural and religious implications.

Military Operations

In response to rocket blasts, the IDF conducted several strikes targeting Hezbollah locations used for launching attacks within southern Lebanon. Additionally they targeted a command centre operated by Hezbollah which directed attacks from southeastern Lebanon.

  • Roughly 150 projectiles were launched from Lebanon divided into three continuous barrages.
  • The first wave was 90 followed by another set of 70 then 10 after that.
  • Fires caused by the attacks were extinguished by Israel’s Fire and Rescue services

Death toll and Displacement

The prolonged conflict has taken significant casualties with displacements on both sides which include civilians and fighters. In Lebanon alone 468 people have lost their lives compared to 26 in Israel, which comprises soldiers and civilians. On top of this tens of thousands have been forced from their homes due to violence.

Rising tensions leading to a potential full scale war are causing fear with experts warning against it. In response the IDF is maintaining high readiness levels for further attacks from Hezbollah including the possibility of a retaliatory strike.

End Note

The situation between Israel and Lebanon remains complex as both prepare for further altercations. Hezbollah’s promise to step up its offensive along with Israel’s obligation of protecting its domain has added fuel to their ongoing conflict despite international efforts urging diplomacy so as to avoid escalation while ensuring regional stability.

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