Israel accused of separatism by the New York’s Human Rights Watch

In a comprehensive report of 213 pages, the Human Rights Watch joined the increasing number of rights groups and commentators voicing against the same.
Source: The Washington Institute

One of the world’s biggest human rights agencies on Tuesday stated that Israel is culpable for apartheid and prosecution due to the discriminatory rules for Palestinians within the country’s borders and its owned territories.

In a comprehensive report of 213 pages, the Human Rights Watch joined the increasing number of rights groups and commentators voicing against the same. These groups consider the dispute, not as a land conflict but a single reign by which Palestinians are denied all the basic rights granted to the Jews through systems.

Palestinians account for half of Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank’s population. The country firmly rejects the said characterization stating that the Arabs minority can relish civil rights in full. The country evacuated its settlers and soldiers from Gaza and considers the place as a hostile territory controlled by Hamas, the Islamic militant group.

Israel views the West Bank as a disputed entity with peace negotiations that failed nearly a decade ago and more. Considering the country’s leaders’ statements and its policies, the Human Rights Watch stated that the country has stated an intent to carry out the Jewish Israelis’ dominance over the Palestinians in Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank, through “inhumane acts” and “systematic oppression”.

Human Right Watch emphasized its analysis on the definitions of prosecution and apartheid followed by the International Criminal Court. While the court ordered a probe into Israel’s war crimes, the country said that the court is being prejudiced.

The HRW said that the above three elements happening together account for the holistic crime of apartheid. It cited “grave abuses” like land confiscation, the system’s disapproval of permissions for buildings, “sweeping, decades-long restrictions on freedom of movement and basic human rights,” and home obliterations, charging Israel with the prosecution.

The report from HRW cites an array of policies saying that they are focused on Jewish dominance in Israel and its lands. The report also states the confining of Palestinians to dissipated enclaves under extensive control of Israel, and some policies that motivate Palestinians to leave the places.

One author of the report from HRW, Omar Shakir, stated that “there was enough there to question whether there was an intent for permanent domination,” right from the initial states of peace processes from the 1990s to Obama’s rule in the recent years.

Shakir also said, “Prominent voices have for years warned that Israeli conduct risked turning into apartheid. This 213-page report finds that the threshold has been crossed.”

The policies are severe and intense in the country’s occupied territories. However, the HRW says that they could also happen within the country itself. Here, Palestinians who account for nearly 20 percent of the whole population suffer serious discrimination in lands, housing, and essential services.

The country rejected the report with a statement from the Foreign Ministry saying that the Human Rights Watch “is known to have a long-standing anti-Israel agenda.” The ministry also said, “The fictional claims that HRW concocted are both preposterous and false.”  The country’s supporters also opposed the allegations against Israel.

The HRW doesn’t hold a position on how the final agreement should be. It said that any trial to solve the disputes needs to understand the reality.

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