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Is Zeporah E-Commerce Legit?

Ryan Lenett



is zeporah e commerce legit

Many e-commerce sites are in the field nowadays. Many of them turn out to be fake and puts us in fear of whether to trusts sites that claim to be safe and legit. One such site has recently launched is Zeporah. Is Zeporah e-commerce legit? Can the site be trusted?

Zeporah is a new e-commerce site, so to give a definite yes or no to the above question, is Zeporah e-commerce legit is difficult. The site is still in its initial phases and there are no reviews by the customers yet. To get a detailed analysis of the company, read on.

What is Zeporah?

Zeporah is new in the field of an e-commerce and provides you with products and services. The site ranks 287,816 globally and has a value of $39,420. It is registered under the domain.COM which is a secure domain to work on.

Products available on Zeporah-

Zeporah sells a very limited list of products on its e-commerce site, merely 9. Further, they are mainly related to cosmetics. One mobile phone, POCO M3 is also available for purchase on the website. You’ll be able to find the below-mentioned products on its website.

  1. POCO M3
  2. Gluta bleach soap
  3. Gluta kojic soap
  4. Charcoal soap
  5. Organic kalamansi soap
  6. Organic kojic acid soap
  7. Organic lemon soap
  8. Rejuvenating set
  9. Whitening underarm treatment.

Work as math solver-

Zeporah also provides an opportunity to work from home as a math solver. You will need to register for the same and work on solving math problems for which you will get paid.

Relevant Points Researched

1. Login Page and revelations

When we go to the login page, we get option to view the terms of service and privacy policy on the page. The Terms of Service comes up blank whereas surprisingly the Privacy Policy page mentions as under:

“Privacy Policy

Who we are

Our website address is:”



They do not mention their own site but some other random site which we could not explore as it is repeatedly showing as being under maintenance. We are unsure whether this is a typo or that is the real site and this site is a front, but what we can definitely say is that this site is amateurly made without real thought and proper documentation.

2. Location where Zeporah is active

Although on the check out page, all the countries are mentioned but shipping services are only available in Philippines. If any other location is selected, it merely shows that shipping is not available there.

Img Src:

So, it is no surprise that 100% of its visitors are from Philippines.

3. Other Details

We reviewed the details on to check the legitimacy of the site. The relevant portions of the review are quoted as under:

“ traffic volume is 250 unique daily visitors and their 2,228 pageviews. The web value rate of is 42,179 USD.

… The last verification results, performed on (February 01, 2021) show that has a valid and up-to-date SSL certificate issued by CloudFlare, Inc. expiring on January 29, 2022 .

… In accordance with Google Safe Browsing and Symantec is pretty a safe domain.”

To view the detailed report click here.

Is Zeporah e-commerce legit?

Zeporah e-commerce has been verified to be safe by Norton Connect Safe and Google Safe Browsing. But still, the trust value is low, as it is a young site, and is in the phase of developing. Also, their is no valid documentation on the site like Terms of Service, Privacy Policy etc. It does not provide any details about its return policy or how to exchange defective products.


  1. It has a valid SSL certificate.
  2. All the features for online shopping were present.
  3. It has some unique products and also a unique business opportunity of earning from home.


  1. There is no source to find out from where the products are shipped, which company is responsible for running the website, where it is located and the like.
  2. It is a new site, with a low trust rate.
  3. The website is not optimized for search engines.
  4. There are no links or references with other websites.
  5. There is no definite return option for all the products, so be careful and sure while placing your order.


Is zeporah e-commerce legit? So, to conclude the answer to the main question raised is that though there are no clear Red flags, it is a very new site with no clear guidelines for its customers. The users of the site must thus proceed carefully and may be place a small trial order first and check out its services before placing bigger orders. If everything goes well, we believe small business must be supported in this multi-corporation world.





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