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Is Splash Mountain Open?



We all love to visit a theme park, especially during vacation. And, no one can say no to a theme park from Disney World. Magic Kingdom is Walt Disney’s best theme park. With many different attractions from Disney, to legendary rides and varieties of cuisines from the world, it offers all. It offers a magical experience to all. It brings back the nostalgia of our childhood. Splash Mountain is a much sought after joy ride at Disneyworld. But, this ride was closed for a while. The question that arises- Is splash mountain open? Why was it closed? What happened to the splash mountain ride?

Is splash mountain open? Why it was closed?

Both splash mountain and big thunder mountain rides have opened recently in August, 21. Splash Mountain was closed for almost a month. The reason splash mountain was closed was that it was undergoing some changes and transformation. The splash mountain has been be re-themed to ‘The Princess and the Frog Bayou Ride’ in both Disney World and Disneyland.

Initially, splash mountain was interrupted for about 80-90 minutes due to mechanical and maintenance issues. Further, it was closed for a month.

It also received strong criticism form varied quarters for being racially biased. It was the target of the George Floyd protests of 2020.The ride was based on the 1946 film “Song of the South” which was referred as a glossed-over portrayal of slavery.

Is Splash Mountain open at any location?

Yes, the original Splash Mountain ride is still operational at the Tokyo Disneyland. So, visitors of the Disneyland in Tokyo can still enjoy this ride and not its newer version.

The Princess and the Frog Ride

Just like its predecessor, this new ride is also a Log flume ride. It is based on the 2009 movie, The Princess and the Frog. the ride starts after the final kiss of the movie between the princess and the prince and joins them for an amazing musical ride. The ride takes place both indoors and outdoors and culminates with a steep drop of 52 feet. Everyone going on the ride does get wet, so be prepared for the drop.

Other attractions of the Magic Kingdom

Magic kingdom fulfills the fantasy world one lives it has various attractions including rides, restaurants, Disney characters, and events that happen on regular basis.

Some of the classic rides include

  1. It’s a small world
  2. Astro Orbitor
  3. Big thunder mountain railroad
  4. Country bear jamboree
  5. Dumbo the flying elephant
  6. Jungle cruise
  7. Liberty square riverboat
  8. Mad tea party
  9. Mickey’s philhar magic
  10. Peter pan’s flight
  11. Pirates of Caribbean
  12. Space mountain
  13. Haunted mansion

Some of the restaurants that some good food

  1. Aloha Isle
  2. Be our guest restaurant
  3. Case’s corner
  4. Cinderella’s royal table
  5. Liberty square market
  6. Storybook treats
  7. Sunshine tree terrace
  8. Tomorrowland terrace restaurant
  9. Plaza ice cream parlor
  10. Pecos bill tall tale Inn and Café

Other theme park attractions of Walt Disney World

  1. Epcot
  2. Disney’s Hollywood studios
  3. Disney’s animal kingdom theme park
  4. Disney springs
  5. Disney boardwalk

Enjoy the rides and food, meet the loveable characters, enjoy your time at Magic Kingdom Park and explore other Disney theme parks. To know more about Disney World, visit here.


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