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Is Maverick Trading Legit?

Annelise Sylta



Maverick Trading, founded in 1997, is a trading firm with two major divisions: Stocks and Options trading and Forex Trading. Maverick Trading recruits full-time and part-time new traders and guides them on a journey to become successful traders. They offer proprietary trading strategies, rules-based techniques, and software to assist traders’ in booking consistent profits.

Who Is Maverick Trading For?

Maverick Trading’s primary focus is options and Forex trading. However, it is best to understand the risk associated with Forex trading since they are more volatile than options and equities. Maverick is for everyone keen on learning through the educational content they provide for Trading.

  • Before joining a program, ensure your stay committed to the program and are keen on trading options and Forex. However, Maverick might not be the best option if you prefer stock trading.
  • Maverick Trading does offer extensive education and enables the highest tier accounts to go as high as $800,000. On the contrary, Maverick Trading requires a solid capital investment from the start, with $12,000 being the minimum for options and $6,000 for Forex, which includes the initial capital risk and membership fee.
  • Maverick Trading assists you in finding winning strategies. Also, over time you will understand the markets better.
  • Maverick aims to polish nuanced traders to become the best with their stringent risk management techniques, timely coaching, and proper supervision.

Hurdles while Signing up!

Maverick Trading provides an excellent opportunity for traders to learn and understand options and Forex trading while gaining access to valuable capital. However, are a few hurdles while signing up with Maverick Trading:

  • Firstly, you need to go through an interview to get temporary access to additional content.
  • Before coming on board with the platform, the recruiter states the capital requirements.
  • The biggest obstacle is the membership fee of $7,000 for the options division and $4,000 for the Forex division. However, this amount is reverted as a performance bonus, which is still a significant amount to pay upfront.
  • Post the interview; the platform educates and tests your comprehension of risk management strategies and practices. Further, you must make a trading plan and submit it for approval.
  • Once Maverick Trading accepts you, you have to transfer $5,000 risk capital, and then Maverick Trading leverages out an initial $25,000 to $800,000 trading capital to your funded trading account.
  • Hereon, your Maverick Trading capital power increases as your success rate increases.

Is Maverick Trading Legit?

Maverick Trading may appear to be a scam for the commissions shaved off and the initial capital investment requirement. However, it is not a scam and is legit. While it may not be a platform for everyone, it is excellent for options and Forex trading. It is also suitable for all levels, including beginners to advanced-level traders.

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