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Is Laura Mercier Cruelty-Free?

Ryan Lenett



Laura Mercier has been taken over by Shiseido. Their testing policy on animals is not cruelty-free. Thus as of now, is Laura Mercier cruelty-free? No, it is not.

Laura Mercier used to sell its products in the country of China but it has undergone a change in its policy. Since the firm came into being, they have insisted that they do not test their products on animals. They claim they do not test their products on animals during any stage of production. Their suppliers do not participate in animal testing either nor does any third-party test on their behalf. Laura Mercier could be involved in animal testing via China. Since China does not let any non-Chinese product enter its market unless the product is tested on animals. As of now, the answer to the question is Laura Mercier cruelty-free? is no it is not. They do not sell their products in China but have declared that they partake in animal testing if it is necessary by law. Shiseido which has taken over Laura Mercier does perform animal testing. The policy of Laura Mercier is unclear and hence they cannot be called cruelty-free.

Does Laura Mercier Conduct Animal Testing?

Laura Mercier has claimed that they do not test on animals, nor have they ever in the past. They have also clarified that they do not hire outside parties to conduct animal testing. However, many firms that test their products on animals still declare these statements hence without proper proof, Laura Mercier’s declarations do not amount to much. Their statement says they do not test products that are finished on animals. However, many firms now do not test products that are finished but test unfinished products or different forms of products on animals.

Laura Mercier however has often confirmed that they do not test their ingredients or their finished items on animals. They are also sure that none of their suppliers test their materials on animals.

Latest Laura Mercier Policy Change

Laura Mercier used to be cruelty-free till 2013 but lost that status when they changed their policy. Their latest policy said that they will test products on animals if asked by law which basically translates to they will test their products on animals. However, recently, Laura Mercier has been claiming that they have changed their policy again and now do not test their products on animals even if it is necessary as per law and they do not sell in China. Laura Mercier claims they were planning to sell in Brazil and China which requires testing on animals as per government rules. Their department was attempting to be honest and hence to be clear to customers they had updated their policy. However, their current packaging does not contain the claim as now they no longer wish to sell to these nations and have hence changed their policy again and do not test on animals anymore.


It is true that Laura Mercier still does not sell in China. But it also does not have any certifications and has not applied anywhere to be certified either. Hence is Laura Mercier Cruelty-Free? It does not have any certifications to prove that it is. You can check the best makeup brands available that are cruelty-free here.

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