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IOS 11 Released, Renders Huge Changes to Mobile Market




Every time that Apple releases a core update to their iOS it gathers attention around the tech world. From small updates that are barely noticed to large updates that are borderline invasive, the IOS 11 patch fits closer to the latter. IOS 11 released to a slew of new features of which some are aesthetic and others are actually functional changes. We’re going to take a closer look at the more notable IOS 11 changes in order to help people get familiar with the new release.

The first new feature that most Apple fans are going to notice with IOS 11 is the indoor mapping feature. The indoor mapping feature won’t map your buddies house but it will map the inside of airports, malls, and other large landmark locations in town. These locations have to be participating in the mapping program in order to be mapped into the program. The mapping can be accessed by the conventional MAPS button and is relatively limited but Apple promises that more and more locations will be added in the future.

Along the same lines, there have been updates to the live MAPS application. When driving on highways with multiple lanes it used to be difficult to surmise which lane the MAPS program was telling drivers to be in. The new LANE GUIDANCE feature makes it abundantly clear with an added graphical feature as to which lane you should be in. The new lane guidance feature shows the number of different lanes and highlights the lane that you should be joining. Along the same lines speed limits will now be shown on the corner of your MAPS program.

In terms of graphical updates the one that people will notice first is how the Control Center has been redesigned. There are a ton of new buttons as well as new widgets on the Control Panel so it will take some time to get comfortable for new users. Among those new panels is the Apple TV connector and a way to quickly share your WiFi password with other people in the room. Notifications have also been redesigned for easier usage.

While the update has largely been well received, not everything has been great. Some popular applications aren’t prepped for the new IOS 11 which renders them essentially useless until their creator releases a new patch. Outside of this small hiccup the IOS 11 patch gets two thumbs up from the majority of owners.

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