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Indie Games Come to Nintendo Switch in Drove




Nintendo has been one of the hallmark video game companies in the world for longer than we’ve been alive. Nintendo has made a name for themselves as the rare company willing to take a risk and plunge into the world of dedicated IPs, relying on key characters to carry console sales. Mario has kept Nintendo moving units for decades. The ‘Zelda’ franchise has done the same. Now, Nintendo is opening up their doors to more than just the traditional Nintendo IP — they are fully embracing the development of indie titles. The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s newest console, a hybrid of handheld play and console goodness, and there is a line up of indie releases that will get any gamer excited.

Nintendo has been one of the most reluctant major gaming companies to fully embrace the role of indie games in their library but we are glad to see that things are starting to change. The Nintendo Switch, with its hybrid of controls and multiplayer capability, offers indie developers a great playground upon which to build their newest triumphs. Leading off the list of 2017 indie title releases for the Switch is ‘Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes’. This is the sequel to the ‘No More Heroes’ title released on the Nintendo Wii almost a decade ago. Gamers will return to play as Travis Touchdown as they fight off demons in a series of difficult but enjoyable mini games.

If mini games don’t get your engine going then the return of this fan favorite title will do the job. ‘Super Meat Boy Forever’ is an upgrade to the famous indie game that was released on computers everywhere half of a decade ago. This title is a nice pivot from Nitnendo’s more traditionally family friendly fare. With bad language, harsh difficulty, and some hilarious animated violence — this is a great title to pick up for adults wanting to really put their Joy-Cons to use.

Rounding out the entrance of indie titles coming to the Switch is ‘Wulverblade’. Originally announced for the Xbox One as an exclusive, ‘Wulverblade’ has evolved into one of our most anticipated Nintendo Switch releases. The goal of the game is simple: put friends together in a vicious platforming co-op that recalls days of playing ‘Golden Axe’. Gore, history, and swords come together to create one of the bloodiest but most engaging platforming titles on the upcoming market.

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