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Imran Haque : The Art of Modern Medicine And Dermal Fillers




Have you ever wondered why many celebrities have facial attributes that are out of this world? Well, some people are naturally blessed with smooth skin, tubby lips, and even chubby cheeks. But why don’t they get old? Why do they maintain youthful face without wrinkles? Such are the features that some of us want to have on our faces. To put your wild thoughts to rest, many people use dermal fillers these days.

What are dermal fillers? They are medical injections used to model and shape the face to restore a youthful appearance and at the same time maintaining a natural look. The modern medicine has evolved to offer safe, comfortable, cheap and sustainable procedures provided you visit a qualified doctor. Imran Haque who’s an all-around medical expert has something to say about dermal fillers. Imran Haque graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana medical school, Santo Domingo in 1998. He has a wealth of experience in the medical field and works intelligently and diligently for all patients who visit him. He has handled many ailments both physical and mental.

Whether it is Intestinal obstruction or Insomnia, Imran Haque is knowledgeable in the medical field. Giving back to the community is what drives his successful endeavors. With the help of the Horizon Internal Medicine, he can reach as many patients as possible. Imran Haque interacts with many patients and develops a strong bond with each of them every day for the past fifteen years. He is thorough with his medical evaluation to prevent risks of misdiagnosis and to achieve the goal of restoring the proper health of his patients. Imran Haque’s in-depth experience and flourishing procedures are some of the things that define him as one of the best doctors. Most patients describe Imran Haque as an understanding man with patience, someone who never judges or talk over you. Imran Haque has excellent skills in handling patients and is always intelligent in physical exams, body contouring, laser hair removal, weight management services, diabetes management and 360 surfacing make him the whole package.

Before you fill your face with dermal fillers, here are some things you should know about the dermal fillers. Medical doctors including Imran Haque advocate for them for the following reasons:

They are long lasting

Unlike other methods of eliminating or reducing wrinkles, the cartridges work instantly with a single visit to the doctor. The fascinating results about the fillers are that they can last up to six months while maintaining the stunning look you wanted to achieve. Dermal fillers stimulate collagen production which is responsible for fresher skin.

They vary in composition

Dermal fillers come in different forms preferred by respective users. The most common fillers are those that contain hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronic acid is famous because of its ability to hydrate the skin while keeping it soft. Some of the dermal fillers contain collagen that keeps the skin fresh and young but do not work well as hyaluronic acid fillers. There is the Sculptra which is more of a simulator of collagen. Results of the Sculptra are visible after about three months. The Bellafill is good for acne scars and offers sustainable solutions for up to five years. The common one among plastic surgeons is the Radiesse that helps to enhance the cheekbone and jaw line.

They look natural

One thing you should know about fillers is that they fill the wrinkled skin, unlike Botox that freezes them. That is why you can easily recognize a Botox patient immediately after the procedure due to the swollen features on the face that result from the freezing. All that requires of fillers is that they should be injected professionally to prevent unnecessary dryness and excessive swelling.

Different cartridges have different uses

It can never be insisted any better than before injecting dermal filler to your body, be sure to have a licensed medical doctor like Imran Haque. The dermal fillers vary in size of the hyaluronic acid particles they contain depending on the location to be injected. Fillers meant for the cheek bone have larger hyaluronic acid particles unlike those required for lips and fine lines. The hyaluronic acid contains the Restylane product that is stiffer than other fillers. Such fillers are used to support the face because of the texture and the size. The Restylane silk is ideal for improving the lip outline and the lines that are near the mouth. Another component of the hyaluronic acid is the Restylane lyft that is used to lift a facial skin that tends to sag. The Restylane lyft also adds volume to the chin and jaw line to prevent it from sagging and to improve the shape.

Dermal fillers are reversible

Some of us can be hard headed and will go to any medical quack they can find in the city for a cheap procedure. The possible result is that you may have terrible results such as imbalanced fillers. The good news is that dermatologists can help balance the fillers or dissolve them by injecting an enzyme that dissolves them away. You should be careful because only the fillers with hyaluronic acid can dissolve. Woe unto you if it happens to be any other kind other than the hyaluronic acid fillers.

Before and after using dermal fillers

Before setting a date for an appointment with your dermatologist, you should ensure that you do not have important social events coming up on your calendar to prevent bruising or swelling. Do you know what you should avoid taking before dermal filler injections? Aspirin, fatty acids, some pain killers, and alcohol are some of the things that you should avoid for at least a week before going to the doctor. After dermal filler injections, there could be swelling and redness that may occur up to two weeks depending on the number of injections as well as the type of pads.

It should be known that not everybody can get dermal fillers. For starters, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you are not allowed to have any contents of dermal fillers in your body. People who are allergic to lidocaine and hyaluronic acid are those with conditions related to blood are also prohibited. It is important that you visit the doctor before dermal fillers injections to know your condition. Dermal fillers are a significant invention in the medical field, like any medication, it requires proper consultation with a physician like Imran Haque to prevent negative results.


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