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Implementing New Voting Systems in America




Washington continues to deny that there was meddling of the past elections by the Russians. This has left the state election officials with the task of facing the threats posed by not only the Russians but any other troublemakers interested in infiltrating the voting process in the upcoming midterm elections in 2018. The systems are also being designed in preparation for the 2020 presidential elections. There have been reports in the country that apparent indifferences still exist with the state officials in charge of the election. This has happened despite federal security experts warning these officials that the hackers will try and infiltrate the systems again, just like in 2016 presidential elections. However, it has been reported that state election officials have begun implementing tough security measures. This will see the replacement of the outdated balloting system that is also vulnerable. The last time that these systems were changed is back in 2000 during the hanging –chad debacle. This is a system that was designed long before the threats posed by hackers became real. This comes after a report released by the Department of Homeland Security determined that the election system is one of the critical infrastructures that requirea protection from hackers.

Other critical infrastructures that have been mentioned by the department of homeland security include the nation’s banking system and the electrical grid. At the moment, there are several states that have already introduced new systems such as Rhode Island and Colorado which are using a system known as risk-limiting audit. This is a system that ensures that vote falsification is not possible. At the same time, the state of West Virginia has decided to hire a computer expert in regards to the issue. Delaware has also not being left behind as it wants to do away with the voting system that does not leave a paper trail. This makes it quite difficult for verification. After unsuccessfully trying to fix the problems on their own, the state election officials have resulted to conferring with the experienced private and federal experts. They have already identified a flaw in the system which had been common in 47 states. The new guidelines by the federal government require the installation of new machines. At the same time, there should be verifiable paper records that allow for verification in case there is a problem. However, it remains unclear whether these changes will be implemented before mid-terms next year.

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