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I wont rob ebooks anymore

Today, an acquaintance of mine asked me if I was in possession of a particular e-book, and if yes, if she could borrow it from my (virtual) library. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the desired piece of work, so I crawled the internet, and asked my friends if they had it, but alas, it was nowhere…




This day, an acquaintance of mine asked me if I modified into in possession of a particular
e book
and if yes, if she might per chance presumably furthermore borrow it from my (digital) library. Sadly, I
didn’t have the specified fragment of work, so I crawled the get, and asked my
friends within the occasion they had it, but alas, it modified into nowhere to be found out, albeit each person
eager in spite of all the pieces desired to read it.

So I bought it. For the significant time in my lifestyles, I bought an e book, since it is
2020, so why now no longer. I bought it on, one among the
retail chain selling cultural and
electronic items in France, for the low designate of seven euros. The marketed format
modified into epub, an originate customary, useable on
a huge selection of supports. But shock-shock, to score the file, I compulsory either a particular roughly capsule (that I clearly
create now no longer posses), or to utilize Adobe Digital Editions: a
Windows/OSX most attention-grabbing spyware.
Obviously, it is written somewhere while you clic enough on the fnac’s web location that the e-book comes with DRM,
but it indubitably’s now no longer in undeniable peep.

So with a purpose to import it in my calibre library. I had to:

  • download the file in a proprietary format
  • delivery up a windows digital machine
  • install Adobe’s crapware
  • glean its borderline illegal EULA
  • navigate via a ton of security signals because Windows would no longer fancy what Adobe’s shitware is doing, at all.
  • import the e-book in it
  • install a shady instrument from a Chinese language web location
  • clutch away the DRM from the e book
  • import the in calibre

When put next to downloading it from the Z library where the steps are actually “download the epub, build it in calibre”.

This is ridiculous. I assume I’m historical to now no longer care for this roughly
bullshit thanks to, no starch press,, librivox, … who create now no longer wrap the things they are selling in a
thick layer of crap. Having DRM on books is a fucking dystopia nightmare that
shouldn’t even be a thing and I hope that the EU will pass regulations to nuke them from orbit.

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