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How To Clean A Wig

Ryan Lenett



How often must you wash your wig?

Your wig’s washing requirements depend on how often you use the wig. You must wash your wig after you have worn it over 30 times or every six weeks. Your wig’s washing schedule also depends on your lifestyle. It will need more frequent washing if your wig is around a lot of odors, perfumes, or smoke.


What will you need to clean your wig?

1. A conditioner and shampoo for your wig. This conditioner and shampoo must be a special formula dedicated to cleaning the fibers of the wig thoroughly and gently. You can use a conditioner and shampoo for human hair if your wig has been made using human hair.
2. A brush for your wig.
3. A clean towel.
4. A stand for your wig. It can be a portable stand.

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How to clean A wig

You can prepare the cleaning process by looking at your wig. Your wig must appear lifeless, dull, tangled, and over-sprayed from a lot of teasing. Only then should you wash it otherwise it could be wearable. You can start cleaning by brushing the wig gently in short strokes starting from the bottom to get rid of any knots and spray build-up. You also need the fibers separated before cleaning.


Step By Step Instructions on How to Clean A Wig


First Step- Soak The Wig

You must not use a machine to wash your wig. You can start by mixing cold water with shampoo in a basin or sink. Then soak the wig for around five minutes or more depending on how dirty it is. You must never twist, rub or wring the wig, regardless of how dirty it is.

Second Step- Clean The Wig

Once you are done soaking, dip the wig down and up in the water. If there are any stains of makeup, clean it lightly using a tiny brush. You can also use a toothbrush.

Third Step- Rinse The Wig

Use cool water to gently rinse the wig.

The fourth step- Condition The Wig

Refill the basin with cool and clean water. Take two capfuls of hair conditioner and add it to the water. If it is a human conditioner, take as per instructions on the bottle. Soak the wig in the conditioner and work the conditioner through the hair fibers gently using your fingers.

Fifth Step- Rinse The Wig Again

Rinse it again with cool water.

Last Step- Dry The Wig

The wig’s style and fibers could be destroyed because of the water’s weight. Hence, carefully pat the water out of your wig using a towel. Then let your wig hang loosely on the stand or use a spray to dry it.


Tips on How to Clean A Wig

You must never use a comb on a wet wig or try to dry it quickly using a blow dryer. Your wig will dry in a couple of hours if left alone and that will give you manageable and healthy-looking fibers. However, if you have a human hair wig, you can use a heat styler or a blow dryer to dry the wig.

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