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Honkai Star Rail 2.0: Exciting New Updates and Character Leaks




As the gaming community eagerly anticipates the release of Honkai Star Rail 2.0, a slew of leaks has surfaced, revealing intriguing details about new characters and gameplay features. This article delves into the latest information about the upcoming update, including the much-talked-about characters Black Swan and Sparkle.


Note: This article is based on leaks and is subject to change. Readers are advised to take each speculation with a grain of salt.

Black Swan and Sparkle: A Closer Look

  • Black Swan’s Gameplay: A Wind character on the Path of Nihility, Black Swan excels in inflicting debuffs and Damage over Time (DoT) with her skill, ultimate, and Wind damage basic attack.
  • Sparkle’s Gameplay: A member of the Masked Fools, Sparkle wields the Quantum element and provides buffs with her ultimate and skill, alongside dealing quantum damage.

Animations and Abilities

Both characters boast unique animations that reflect their backgrounds and abilities. Black Swan’s animations involve her Memokeeper role in the Garden of Recollection, while Sparkle’s animations feature her kitsune mask, highlighting her mysterious persona.

Anticipated Abilities of Black Swan and Sparkle

Black Swan’s Kit

  • Basic Attack: Deals Wind damage to a single opponent with a chance to inflict a Sacrament stack.
  • Skill: Attacks adjacent enemies with Wind damage, inflicting Sacrament and reducing DEF.
  • Ultimate: Affects all enemies with Wind damage and Epiphany, enhancing damage taken and considering Sacrament stacks as additional DoT effects.
  • Talent and Technique: Offers chances to inflict Sacrament with DoT and at the battle’s start, escalating damage potential.

Sparkle’s Kit

  • Skill: Boosts an ally’s CRIT DMG for a turn and advances their action.
  • Ultimate: Regenerates Skill Points for allies and grants Cipher, boosting damage.
  • Talent: Increases max Skill Points and boosts damage when allies consume a Skill Point.
  • Technique: Grants Stealth to all allies, regenerating a Skill Point when entering battle.

Free Pulls in Honkai: Star Rail 2.0

Version 2.0 is set to offer 20 free pulls, enhancing players’ chances to obtain new characters like Black Swan and Acheron. This generosity aligns with Honkai: Star Rail’s history of rewarding players, such as the free Imaginary-based unit Dr. Ratio in update 1.6.

What to Expect in the Update

The 2.0 update is packed with new content, including playable units and top-tier Light Cones in rerun banners. Players can look forward to new Penacony-based characters and the debut of five-star units, with reruns of popular characters like Luocha and Jing Yuan.

Misha: The Upcoming 4-Star Ice Destruction Unit

Alongside the 5-star characters, Misha is emerging as an exciting new 4-star Ice Destruction unit. Here’s what players need to know about his Ascension and Trace level-up materials:

  • Ascension Materials: Dream Collection Component, Dream Flow Valve, Dream Fridge, and Dream Making Engine, among others.
  • Trace Level-Up Materials: Borisin Teeth, Lupitoxin Sawtooth, Moon Madness Fang, and more, offering a diverse range of resources for character development.


The upcoming Honkai Star Rail 2.0 update promises a thrilling experience for players with its new characters and gameplay enhancements. As we approach the release date, the gaming community’s anticipation continues to build.

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