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High-Speed Cables Creating Firm is Acquired by Microsoft

Cam Speck



High-Speed Cables Creating Firm is Acquired by Microsoft

San Francisco, Dec. 10 (IANS) Microsoft has acquired Lumenisity Limited, a pioneer in next-generation hollow core fibre (HCF) technology solutions.

As stated in a blog post published by the tech giant on Friday, Lumenisity’s unique HCF product could enable speedy, consistent, and high reliability for large enterprises globally.

With the said acquisition, Microsoft will be able to enhance its ability to boost its global cloud infrastructure and serve the needs of its Cloud Platform and Services customers by meeting the stringent latency and security demands.

The technology has applications that can benefit a wide range of sectors, including government, industry, financial services, healthcare, and retail.

Enterprises within these industries can see a significant gain from HCF solutions due to their reliance on networks and data centers that demand high-speed transactions, improved security, higher bandwidth and high-capacity communications,’ as per Microsoft’s Girish Bablani, corporate vice president, Azure Core.

HCF could speed up the retrieval of medical images in the healthcare sector by allowing providers to ingest, store, and exchange medical imaging data in the cloud, since it can manage the size and volume of enormous data sets.

In addition, as the digital economy grows, HCF may be able to help international financial institutions that need to conduct faster, more secure transactions over a large area.

Compared to conventional cable, it has a range of benefits, such as “higher overall speed and decreased latency since light passes through HCF 47% faster than standard silica glass” and “added security & intrusion detection attributed to Lumenisity’s revolutionary interior structure.”

In addition, it offers “reduced costs, higher bandwidth and improved network quality due to the elimination of fibre nonlinearities and wider spectrum” and “potential for ultra-low signal degradation facilitating deployment over longer distances without repeaters.”

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