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Hermes Outperforms Rivals with Robust Q3 Sales

Ryan Lenett



Hermes, the renowned luxury brand, has recorded a stellar performance in the third quarter of the year, despite the luxury sector facing economic challenges. The company’s sales outpaced expectations, emphasizing its resilience and appeal to an affluent customer base.

Q3 Sales Figures

  • Third-quarter sales reached an impressive $3.6 billion, overshadowing competitors.
  • Sales increased robustly across all regions, with a notable emphasis on the U.S. market.
  • A rise of 20% was observed in the Americas, even with smaller price hikes compared to other parts of the globe.
  • Europe also witnessed a significant sales hike, registering an 18% growth, driven by unwavering tourist spending.

Executive Insights

Axel Dumas, Hermes’ Executive Chairman, highlighted, “The solid performance in the third quarter reflects the desirability of our collections all over the world, with still a sustained momentum in Asia and the Americas.” Eric du Halgouet, Hermes’ Executive Vice President of Finance, maintained a positive outlook, stating, “Despite an uncertain context, our outlook remains unchanged.”

Year-to-Date Performance

  • Revenue through the end of September surged almost 17% from the previous year.
  • In the Americas, revenue escalated by almost 18% on a current exchange and 20% on a constant exchange basis.
  • The ready-to-wear and accessories sector witnessed the most significant year-to-date growth, rising by 23% at current exchange rates. This sector’s success is partly attributed to the well-received spring-summer 2024 fashion show and collections.

Price Adjustments and Production Costs

  • Globally, Hermes increased prices by approximately 7% this year to offset rising production costs. The Reuters report mentioned this increment was primarily due to escalating production expenses.
  • The U.S. observed a modest 3% price hike, while Japan experienced double-digit price increases due to currency fluctuations.

Industry Perspective

While the luxury sector has been cautious due to economic uncertainties and rising inflation, Hermes has solidified its position as a resilient player. Analysts had reduced their luxury sector estimates after LVMH’s sales report suggested decreased spending on luxury goods. However, Hermes’ consistent performance and the appeal of its high-end products, like the sought-after Birkin handbag priced at over $10,000, ensure it stands firm amidst economic turbulence.

Thomas Chauvet of Citi commented on the brand’s enduring appeal, “Another quarter of industry-beating growth is likely to position Hermes as an interesting play in an out-of-favor sector.” Furthermore, Luca Solca, a Bernstein analyst, observed, “This is a homogenous progression across all geographies and product categories.”

Regional Highlights

  • The Madison Avenue store in New York, inaugurated in October of the previous year, registered a strong contribution to sales.
  • Despite potential geopolitical challenges, European sales did not see any drop in tourist traffic. Eric du Halgouet mentioned, “We are attentive,” recognizing that geopolitical situations could influence tourism trends.
  • Mainland China saw a surge in-store traffic, especially during July and August, with an accelerated pace in the third quarter.

Factors Underpinning Hermes’ Success

  • Brand Loyalty: Over the years, Hermes has built unparalleled loyalty among its consumers. The exclusivity and prestige associated with products like the Birkin bag or the Kelly bag have nurtured a devoted clientele willing to invest in the brand irrespective of broader market fluctuations. 
  • Quality Over Quantity: Unlike some competitors who might mass-produce certain items, Hermes has always emphasized craftsmanship and limited production. This ensures that every product, whether a handbag or an accessory, meets the highest standards of quality, further enhancing its allure for luxury seekers. 
  • Diversification: While Hermes is undoubtedly known for its iconic bags, the brand has successfully diversified its portfolio to include ready-to-wear, accessories, perfumes, and home goods. This broad product range ensures that the company can cater to varying consumer needs while maintaining its luxury essence. 
  • Adaptability: In an ever-evolving world, Hermes has consistently demonstrated its ability to adapt. Whether it’s leveraging digital platforms for sales or introducing eco-friendly product lines, the brand stays ahead of the curve while preserving its heritage.


In an industry facing headwinds from economic uncertainties and changes in consumer spending patterns, Hermes emerges as a beacon of stability and growth. Its unwavering commitment to quality and its understanding of the luxury market ensures that it remains a preferred brand for the affluent. This remarkable performance in Q3 is not only a testament to the brand’s enduring appeal but also to its strategic positioning in the luxury market.

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