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Hailo’s Big Move in AI Chip Tech

Ashley Waithira



Hailo, a startup from Israel, has made a name for itself in the fastchanging world of AI chip tech. Orr Danon and Avi Baum, who used to be the CTO for wireless connectivity at Texas Instruments, started the company in 2017. Hailo makes powerful chips for AI tasks on edge devices. Even with a tough time getting funds and big competitors like Nvidia, Hailo has managed to get a huge $120 million investment, making the company worth $1.2 billion.

Changes in Funding

While Nvidia keeps leading the AI chip market, many new companies are struggling to get money. It’s been reported that chip companies in the U.S. only got $881 million from January to September 2023. That’s a big drop from $1.79 billion the year before.

Last year was tough for the AI chip industry. Companies like Mythic had a hard time surviving, and Graphcore was dealing with big losses. But Hailo got a lot of money from investors, showing that it’s got a strong tech game and could be a big deal in the market.

Hailo’s Edge AI Chips, A Game Changer

Hailo’s chips are built to handle AI jobs really well. They use less power and space than the usual chips, which is great for things like cars, security cameras, and robots that can’t deal with bulk or battery drain. “We want to bring powerful AI to places that aren’t huge data centers,” said Orr Danon, the CEO. He’s all about spreading AI to more gadgets.

Standing Tall Among Giants

People are wondering if a new company like Hailo can actually go toetotoe with big names like Nvidia, Intel, and AMD. Some smart folks, including Christos Kozyrakis, a professor, Experts at Stanford think that special chips like the ones Hailo makes will be essential as AI spreads. The tricky part is staying relevant as AI designs change and making sure there’s good for Hailo’s unique chips.

Growing with the Investment

Hailo is using its new $120 million to speed up its growth and strengthen its market presence. The money will go into improving products, getting more customers, and preparing for future success. Hailo aims to revolutionize how AI is used in devices on the edge, planning to solve issues with delay, cost, and size that current cloudbased AI systems face.

Rising Need for Edge AI

With the rise of creative AI, there’s a growing need for edge AI in different areas, like security.

Hailo, a company that works in fields like smart cities, industrial automation, and cars, has more than 300 customers around the world. These customers use Hailo’s tech for different things, like spotting objects and making images better with AI. Hailo has just put out a new product called the Hailo10. This AI tool lets people use AI programs right where they are, without needing the cloud. This is good because it deals with worries about keeping data private.

What’s Next and the Hurdles to Overcome

Hailo is on its way to possibly becoming a company that anyone can invest in by buying shares. But this path isn’t easy. It’s full of tough spots and chances to grow. The company has done well to make a name for itself in the tough world of AI chips. This shows how key it is to keep coming up with new ideas, to be able to change, and to work well with others. Hailo has big plans to change the game with edge AI tech. Its growth from a small new company to one worth a lot of money shows just how fast and surprising the tech world can be.

To wrap it up

Hailo’s impressive work in, Hailo has managed to secure $120 million even though it’s getting harder to find funding. This shows that it has a strong tech base and forwardthinking leaders. With AI changing all the time, Hailo’s progress in making chips puts it in the spotlight in the growing area of edge AI applications.

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