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Bella Hadid’s New Chapter, From High Fashion to Personal Healing

Ryan Lenett



Famous model Bella Hadid has decided to significantly reduce her involvement in the modeling field. After achieving ten years of fame, Hadid is now prioritising her mental and physical wellbeing by starting a path toward personal healing and fresh starts.

Reflections on a Storied Career

Bella Hadid has graced the fashion industry as a runway model for high end labels like Chanel, Marc Jacobs, and Givenchy. She has also appeared on many international Vogue covers. Despite these successes, she expressed that her career had been strenuous both emotionally and physically.

  • “After 10 years in modelling, I realised that I devoted so much energy and love into my work but it wasn’t benefiting me the same way,” Hadid stated during an interview with Allure.
  • She admitted, “I was always pretending to be happy.”

These statements surface as Hadid openly shares her challenges with mental health and Lyme disease, which she has dealt with for over a decade and a half.

A Shift to Simpler Living

Seeking tranquillity, Hadid has relocated to Texas with her companion Adan Banuelos, dedicating herself to pursuits that make her happy. This move mirrors her aim to better manage her health and pursue a more genuine lifestyle.

  • Hadid shares, “Now, for the first time, I’m genuine. If I feel bad, I stay in. If I feel bad, I give myself space,” showing a commitment to self care and honesty about her feelings.
  • She notes that her worst days now surpass how she felt on her best days before, signalling a notable enhancement in her health and happiness.

Diving into Fragrances

With her relocation and fewer public outings, Hadid is directing her enthusiasm towards creating a fragrance collection.

Bella Hadid recently launched a new fragrance collection known as Orebella. This new project is a reflection of her passion for distinctive aromas and her goal to create and share personal experiences with others.

  • Her debut fragrance line, which will be available starting May 2, stems from her enduring interest in essential oils and crafting unique scents.
  • Orebella aims to transform how we experience fragrances, making it a more intimate and customizable journey.

Continued Advocacy for Mental Health

Although Bella Hadid has shifted away from fulltime modelling, she remains dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and sharing her own experiences to encourage those facing similar struggles. Her efforts showcase the critical need to place well being above professional pursuits.

She once mentioned, “The universe operates through painful yet beautiful mechanisms, but I cherish the life insights gained through my experiences.” Bella’s move from the frantic pace of fashion to focusing on personal ventures and wellbeing exemplifies dedication to both her passions and health.


Bella Hadid’s move from a famous model to an advocate for personal health is an important new phase in her life. Her honesty about her difficulties and her dedication to living true to her values sends a strong message about the importance of caring for oneself and being resilient. 

Bella Hadid’s shift to a simpler life in Texas isn’t just about stepping back. it’s a significant change. Choosing her wellbeing and happiness over career success marks a new way public figures approach personal health. Moving closer to her family and friends gives her essential support. Bella openly sharing her health struggles serves as an inspiration and aid to others facing similar challenges. Her candid talk about Lyme disease and mental health issues helps reduce the shame often linked with these conditions, encouraging wider understanding and acceptance.

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