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Gulf Cooperation Council Summit Addresses Israel-Hamas Conflict in Gaza

Annelise Sylta



The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza has escalated, drawing global attention and concern. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) meeting, recently held in Doha, Qatar, became a platform for addressing this crisis. Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, Qatar’s ruler, criticized the international community’s inadequate response to the situation, labeling it as “shameful”.

Details of the Conflict

  • Israel’s offensive in Gaza declared after a militant attack by Hamas on October 7, has resulted in nearly 15,900 deaths, predominantly women and children, as per the Hamas-run health ministry’s reports.
  • Qatar has been a central figure in mediating a temporary truce, exchanging Israeli hostages for Palestinian prisoners, and facilitating humanitarian aid.

International Reactions and Efforts

  • Sheikh Tamim emphasized the need for a permanent ceasefire, beyond just temporary truces.
  • He called for an international investigation into the alleged massacres by Israel and urged the Security Council to take decisive action.

Regional Diplomatic Dynamics

  • GCC members, including the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, who recently normalized ties with Israel, have expressed deep concern over the situation in Gaza.
  • The council collectively called for an immediate truce and a sustainable ceasefire.

Turkish Involvement and Stance

  • The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan who was at the summit, charged Israel with performing war crimes and acts against humanity.
  • Turkey and Qatar have long backed the Palestinians, and Qatar even has a Hamas office.

Qatar’s Role in the Crisis

  • Qatar, a U.S. ally and host to a significant U.S. military base, has defended its engagement with Hamas as a means of conflict resolution.
  • The Emir of Qatar emphasized the genocide in Gaza and criticized the international community for its dual standards and inaction.

Prospects for Peace and Diplomacy

  • Discussions at the GCC summit focused on the potential resumption of truce talks, post-war reconstruction in Gaza, and future governance.
  • Sheikh Tamim highlighted the Palestinian issue as a national struggle, urging the United Nations Security Council to fulfill its responsibilities in resolving the conflict.

Humanitarian and Death Toll Statistics

As of the latest reports, the death toll in Gaza has reached approximately 15,899 Palestinians and about 1,100 Israelis since the beginning of the conflict.

Further Diplomatic Efforts and Challenges

  • The complexity of the Israel-Hamas conflict poses significant challenges to peacemaking efforts. The involvement of various regional players, each with their strategic interests, adds layers to the negotiation process.
  • Despite the temporary truces facilitated by Qatar and other mediators, the path to a lasting peace remains fraught with obstacles. The underlying issues, such as territorial disputes, political recognition, and the rights of displaced peoples, demand comprehensive solutions.

The Role of the International Community

  • The GCC meeting shone a light on how the world, especially powerful countries and groups, needs to help create the right conditions for peace discussions.
  • Helping those hurt by this strife with aid and diplomatic backing is key to calming things down and setting up real talks.

Impact on Regional and Global Politics

  • The conflict in Gaza has repercussions beyond the immediate region. It affects global politics, and international relations, and sets precedents in dealing with similar conflicts worldwide.
  • The stance of major powers, including the United States, the European Union, and Russia, plays a significant role in shaping the international response and the prospects for a resolution.


The GCC meeting in Doha highlighted the severe crisis in Gaza. They stressed the importance of an everlasting truce and help from around the world. The growing fight has resulted in many deaths and stopped diplomacy in its tracks. Now, everyone’s eyes are on the Security Council and others globally to see how they handle this old problem. To get more info and the latest on the Israel-Hamas clash and the GCC talks, check out Al Jazeera’s news corner.

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