Group criticizes Coyotes owner regarding proposed entertainment district



Residents of Tempe, Arizona are preparing to cast their votes on three propositions that, if approved, would pave the way for the construction of a large entertainment complex in the city area. The proposal has been spearheaded by Alex Meruelo, owner of the NHL franchise Arizona Coyotes.

The group Tempe 1st has come out strongly against the proposals, labeling Mr. Meruelo as a “corrupt billionaire” and asking citizens to vote ‘no’ on May 9th. They have highlighted several potential dangers associated with these propositions including significant environmental damage, job loss, increased housing costs and depletion of water supplies.

Given this opposition from Tempe 1st, both Tempe Wins and Mr. Meruelo have sent cease and desist letters in recent weeks. Despite these warnings, Tempe 1st continues to spread awareness about the potential drawbacks of voting yes on these measures.

Tempe residents must register for the upcoming ballot by April 17th; any mail-in ballots must be received before May 9th in order to count towards the final result. It is therefore vital that citizens act now if they wish their opinion to be heard during this critical decision-making process over Tempe’s future infrastructure plans and economic development opportunities.

With tensions running high among those in favor and against building an entertainment complex on public land in Tempe, it remains unclear which party will prevail when citizens cast their ballots on May 9th. The outcome could shape many aspects of life in the city for decades to come and serve as either a positive or negative testament to Alex Meruelo’s vision going forward.

Tensions have been further exacerbated by the Coyotes owner’s recent actions to silence opposition. In addition to Mr. Meruelo’s cease and desist letters, he has attempted to discredit Tempe 1st with a press statement, vilifying their efforts as “misinformation campaigns” and urging residents not to listen to their “false and misleading messages”. He has also requested that the Arizona Attorney General investigate Tempe 1st for possible violations of law.

Despite these efforts, Tempe 1st is undeterred in its mission to ensure that all citizens are aware of the potential consequences associated with approving these propositions. As a result, it is ever more important that citizens take the time to thoroughly educate themselves on this issue and make their voices heard when voting day rolls around. 

Only time will tell whether Tempe residents give Alex Meruelo’s proposal the green light or if they will show solidarity with Tempe 1st by voting ‘no’ on May 9th.In the meantime, Tempe 1st is encouraging citizens to speak out against Mr. Meruelo’s attempts to silence opposition and to make their voices heard by contacting elected officials. They have also urged residents to spread their message on social media sites, in order to raise awareness about the potential implications of these propositions for all Tempe citizens. 

The future of the city and a potential entertainment district will be decided on May 9th, and it is up to all residents of Tempe to make their opinion count.  As such,Tempe 1st continues to fight for the right of citizens’ voices to be heard and respected in this crucial decision-making process.


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