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Greg Secker Is the Leading Forex Trader




Greg Secker is an entrepreneur whose latest venture is the Greg Secker Foundation, and its purpose is to improve the lives of everyone all over the world. To further this cause, he is using his foundation as a vehicle to promote education and life skills.

Since 2010, Greg’s foundation has been making great strides to do exactly what the foundation was formed to do. For example, the typhoon that hit the Philippines recently gave Greg an idea. He developed the “Build a House, Build a Home, Restore a Community Project.” The purpose of this project is to rebuild the community so that it will survive the next time that a typhoon comes calling. Greg’s foundation is financing this project to build 100 homes, and they are set to be finished by the time the fall season arrives.

Greg got his start in the financial industry at Thomas Cook Financial Services. His next venture was to dive into the foreign exchange business when he went to run a new trading company by the name of “Virtual Trading Desk.” The Virtual Trading Desk’s claim to fame is the fact that it is the first Forex trading platform of its kind. For example, the company is online and presents facts and figures in real-time. This had never been done before.

Greg was able to move on to become Vice-President of Mellon Financial Corporation. As this was a major Fortune 500 investment Bank, Greg had the opportunity to work amongst the best traders the world had to offer. While there, Greg’s personal trading account outgrew what he could do at Mellon, so he decided that he needed to have his own trading floor in his own home.

Three months after leaving Mellon, Greg was able to start his own company, and he called it “Learn to Trade.” Learn to Trade has done extremely well for Greg, and he was able to expand his operations to offices in the Philippines, South Africa, Australia and London. More than 200,000 people have taken advantage of Greg’s Learn to Trade strategy by taking his workshops and seminars.

Awards for Learn to Trade

Learn to Trade has been a valuable educational tool and was recognized as such. World Finance Magazine honored Learn to Trade with the “Best Educator” award for the years 2012 and 2013. Wealth and Finance Magazine also acknowledged Learn to Trade for its excellence by bestowing the program with the “Best Trading Education Product” and the “Best Forex Trader Training UK” in 2015.

Learn to Trade was also granted the “Best Forex Educators in UK, Europe, Australasia and South Africa” award from the Global Banking and Finance Review in the years 2015, 2016 and 2017. Last but not least, Philanthropic 30 Most Caring Companies allotted Greg with the number 17 spot in the UK.

Lessons from Learn to Trade

It is not enough to have the most appropriate software for trading and extensive knowledge about the subject of trading. Greg says that if your mindset is wrong, knowledge and software will not turn you into a successful Forex trader. For example, the pound has been very volatile these days. Traders who are leaving their emotions out of their trading strategies are waiting until they see which way the pound will move. These traders think like traders, and that is what Greg says is necessary.

Brexit has not been a friend to the pound. Ever since people learned of the referendum’s results, the pound has suffered against the euro. The general climate of uncertainty is keeping the pound from gaining any ground. What is also not helping the pound is the Queen’s Speech because the people didn’t learn anything specific in this oratory. Also, the Bank of England’s decision not to raise interest rates did not inspire movement either. However, the possibility that interest rates could rise later in the year did.

All of this news means that there aren’t any trends for traders to follow, so the smart ones are staying out of the market.

The Best Indicator

The important thing to remember is that a “best indicator” for when it is time to make a trade does not exist. In reality, the best indicator is different for each trader. It is something that each individual person has to determine for himself.

For example, Forex indicators use charts to create graphs that allow the trader to see where the trends are going. Common trading indicators like the Exponential Moving Average let people compare two of these EMAs to determine whether a price is moving up or down. These help traders make their entry and exit points.

The stochastic oscillator allows traders to predict movements by comparing the average price range of a security to its closing price. The Bollinger Band Indicator has an EMA as the center line. One line above the EMA and one line below it are the standard deviations. The bands expand and contract in response to the price movement.

To learn which of these indicators would be right for you, Greg suggests that you attend his free workshops.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nottingham. After retiring from Mellon Financial Corporation, he had the opportunity to create The Knowledge to Action Group. This entity is an umbrella that encompasses Greg’s many other companies, including Learn to Trade, The Greg Secker Foundation, Capital Index and Smart Chart Software. These companies work together to allow Greg to help people become excellent traders so that they can improve their lives.

As was mentioned above, Greg is also a philanthropist along with being a great businessman, and he has been recognized for his good deeds. In 2017, Greg was named as a member of the board of Ambassadors for City Philanthropy. Also in 2017, he made the list of the “200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs.” Although Greg has had great success in the business world and has helped many people along the way, he believes that his greatest achievement is being a father.

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