GMC Hummer EV’s first year of production already sold out

The roof is open, but the sun appears to have already set on first-year Edition 1 reservations. GMC Another long-awaited truck reveal, another frustrating night spent on an automaker's...
GMC Hummer EV’s first year of production already sold out

The roof is originate, nonetheless the solar seems to have already keep on first-year Version 1 reservations.


Every other prolonged-awaited truck point out, one more frustrating evening spent on an automaker’s user online page, on the lookout for to speak indubitably one of the most corporate’s first production gadgets. This time, it be the 2022 GMC Hummer EV — more specifically, the Version 1, the fully loaded restricted-bustle model that is principally the most provocative model GMC announced for the pickup’s first year of production. Whereas you occur to attempted to derive in line waiving their credit card deposit for a weird Ford Bronco or a Tesla Cybertruck, this laborious-excellent fortune fable is all-too-acquainted territory. 

Credit ranking to Total Motors, though, its reservation microsite regarded as if it would possibly well probably characteristic great more fully and swiftly out of the gates than the sites of these other vehicles we mentioned, as a minimal unless it did no longer. Strive to make a desire a first-year Version 1 model on there now and probabilities are you’ll well probably be greeted by indubitably one of these photography.

This message — or a spinning loading disguise — is what many would-be Hummer reservation holders are getting tonight.


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Yep, you’ve already missed your probability. The model is sold out. Or more precisely, “reserved out” — these $100 refundable deposits would possibly well even now no longer necessarily all lead to sold vehicles.

Or now no longer it is pretty easy to scrutinize why so many of us are angry: The 2022 GMC Hummer EV guarantees scintillating all-electrical efficiency, with 1,000 horsepower, 0-to-60-mph acceleration in round 3 seconds and a brace of cool unusual functions. From the multi-panel Infinity Roof (a targa panel and t-tops on one automobile? We’re so in) to the oddly named “Watts to Freedom” birth mode, there is a ton of tech and functionality here to birth desirous about. (Possible two to a pair loads, truly, nonetheless GM is now no longer talking weight yet, let on my own towing or payload rankings.)

Finally, a GMC ranking confirmed to Roadshow on Tuesday evening that the valid-published $112,595 flagship model is already sold out, nonetheless moreover they declined to touch upon what number of reservations slots the corporate made available. Theoretically, the quantity of reservation slots must be equal to the quantity of gadgets slated to be produced within the Hummer’s first model year. 

Indeed, it be conceivable that GMC would possibly well probably have netted tens of hundreds of $100 refundable reservations for its unusual electrical toddler throughout the essential couple of hours following the model’s point out. Conversely, these slots would possibly well probably quantity within the loads — or the lots of hundreds, for that topic. Or now no longer it is in actuality laborious to snort what it all arrangement at this early juncture, nonetheless given how swiftly the slots had been spoken for, this news will seemingly be indicative of a slower production ramp or an attractive cramped first-year production bustle. Hopefully GM will liberate more knowledge on anticipated production volumes soon. (We’ll update this tale if we hear more.)

2022 GMC Hummer EV is a 1,000-hp supertruck that strikes adore a crab

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Needless to snort, in expose for you to derive on GMC’s waitlist for indubitably one of its other late-availability Hummers, probabilities are you’ll battle during the microsite’s reservation course of for indubitably one of the most opposite gadgets (that are slated to design in dealers between Fall 2022 and Spring 2024) and opt to hitch the Version 1 waitlist. This means probabilities are you’ll yet derive lucky if GM expands the quantity of slots or if any person cancels their reservation. Whereas you lift out derive chosen, the automaker will reach out to you and support you perceive that you’ve scored a slot for the coveted early model.

Over again, for Ford Bronco reservation pursuers, here would possibly well probably probably be all sounding bitterly acquainted. A distinct First Version model used to be announced in July, with valid 3,500 examples slated to be made for 2021. Then the Blue Oval’s reservation microsite grew to change into overwhelmed with a tidal wave of passion, crashed, leaving many out within the cold. The Dearborn-primarily primarily based utterly automaker then answered the next day by doubling the quantity of First Version gadgets to 7,000 — a scamper that ingratiated a extra 3,500 possibilities while doubtlessly irking these who managed to fetch indubitably one of the most preliminary tranche of reservations (due to their model’s reduced exclusivity). That stated, there is one immense difference: Ford is providing many other trims of Bronco in its first year, while it sounds adore GM… is now no longer.

Finally, while the future of 4x4s looks bold, brawny and greater than a small electrifying, it be obvious many automakers would possibly well probably mild stand to learn about a lessons from companies adore Apple, a company that takes hundreds and hundreds of reservation slots on product point out days. 

In the interim, we’re seriously angry to test GMC’s unusual Hummer EV for ourselves and advise support our findings. Esteem you, then all over again, we’re going to be waiting some time. Defend tuned.

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