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Tragic Incident at Gaza Church Leads to International Outcry

Annelise Sylta



A heartbreaking incident that caught the world’s eye happened when an Israeli soldier shot and killed two Christian women, a mom and her daughter, at a Catholic church in Gaza City. This took place against the ongoing tension between Israel and Hamas, leading to a lot of criticism and disapproval.

Details of the Shooting

According to the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, the shooting happened around noon at the Holy Family Parish in Gaza, a sanctuary for Christian families since the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war. The victims, identified as Nahida and her daughter Samar, were shot as they approached the Sister’s Convent within the parish. As reported, one of the women was killed while attempting to carry the other to safety. The patriarchate emphasized the absence of any warning before the shooting and noted that seven other individuals were injured while trying to protect others.

The Aftermath and International Reactions

Damage to Christian Landmarks

The church, a refuge for Christians in Gaza, has reportedly suffered direct Israeli bombardment, leading to significant damage. Furthermore, three projectiles fired by an Israeli tank struck a convent of the Sisters of Mother Teresa charity, critically damaging its generator and fuel supplies. This attack rendered a building housing 54 disabled individuals uninhabitable, leaving them without essential medical equipment like respirators.

Pope Francis’ Condemnation

Pope Francis, in his weekly blessing, strongly criticized the Israeli military’s actions, suggesting that they amounted to “terrorism” tactics. He referred specifically to the killing of Nahida Khalil Anton and her daughter Samar, acknowledging the patriarchate’s statement on the incident. Pope Francis highlighted the non-combatant nature of the church’s inhabitants and lamented the targeting of unarmed civilians.

The Plight of Gaza’s Christian Community

Declining Christian Population

Gaza’s Christians, dating back to the first century, represent one of the Middle East’s oldest communities. However, their numbers have dwindled significantly in recent years, from 3,000 in 2007 to approximately 1,000 today. The Israeli blockade following Hamas’s rise to power and the challenging living conditions in Gaza have accelerated this decline.

Ecumenical Unity Under Siege

In the face of the ongoing siege, Christians in Gaza, along with their Muslim counterparts, have demonstrated a spirit of solidarity. This unity reflects their shared experiences and struggles under the current conditions. The Christians, predominantly of the Greek Orthodox faith, have sought refuge in churches like Saint Porphyrius and the Holy Family Church, both of which have now been bombed.

Israeli Government’s Response

The Israeli government has stated that it is investigating the events at the Holy Family Church. The incident has raised questions about the protection of religious sites and the impact of military actions on civilian populations.

Call for Humanitarian Intervention

International Diplomatic Efforts

As violence grows, global diplomats and human rights groups want quick action to keep people safe, especially Gaza’s at-risk Christians. Italy’s chief envoy Antonio Tajani urgently asked Israel’s leaders and military to guard Christian holy sites, making clear they’re not Hamas militants’ cover.

Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

Lately, things have gotten even worse for the people in Gaza. Important stuff like hospitals and safe places for disabled folks have been wrecked. This is really bad news for everyone living there, especially since many have to leave their homes, like those with disabilities who got kicked out when their plane got hit. It’s clear as day that they need help, and they need it fast.


The event has upset folks around town and made people worldwide notice the tough times Christians in Gaza are facing. It shows how complicated and painful the constant fighting there is. If you wanna dig deeper into what happened, check out what Al Jazeera has to say about it.

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