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The Freak Out About Taylor Swift’s Social Accounts




Taylor Swift is no longer on social media. This mega superstar has sold million of albums around the world and is one of music’s biggest stars. Needless to say, the internet is freaking out about Swift leaving social media. Swift is someone who has always used social media to connect with fans. Many superstars around the world value having their massive audiences of fans. In the entertainment business, it’s vital for a start to have active social media accounts. Many have called into question who is on the other end of certain celebrity accounts. Celebrity accounts are some of the most followed in the world.

Many noticed that Swift removed all content on her social media and official website. Taylor Swift is known for hiding clues relating to songs and future projects. Fans have noted that, although her appearances have been few, she has never completely disconnected from social media. The Verge was quick to point out theories regarding this mystery.

One of the main theories is that Taylor’s accounts are being hacked. In recent years, countless celebrities have fallen victim to hacking. These hacks range from website takeovers to an extreme invasion of their privacy. The somewhat good news about a website hack is that it is fixable.

The second theory is that Taylor has blacked out her website because she is about to release a new album. Fans report her website temporarily being down in the past before an album release. What is notable about this current situation is that all social media activity has stopped. Internet sleuths from Reddit have looked deeper, at the source code of Swift’s website. Decoded messages from the website’s source code reportedly quotes past Swift lyrics.

The third theory is that Taylor Swift is done making music. It makes sense that someone who has achieved the heights of a Taylor Swift may need a break. If the retirement theory is true, many are wondering how long Taylor would be out of the spotlight. Some younger music stars have completely retired at the height of their fame. On the other hand, it’s common for superstars to take a few years off for personal reasons.

The internet is continuing to look for clues for the reason behind Taylor Swift leaving social media. Since Taylor is such a huge star, it is likely that more information will come out as soon as possible.

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