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Crypto Theft Alert: Fraudulent Ledger App Scams Users Out of $800,000 in Bitcoin and Ethereum

Ashley Waithira



A sophisticated cyber heist has successfully targeted users of the Microsoft App Store, exploiting the credibility of the Ledger hardware wallet service. According to blockchain analyst ZachXBT, a false version of the Ledger app, dubbed “Ledger Live Web3,” has siphoned off a staggering sum of over $767,000 in various cryptocurrencies, predominantly Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and BNB Smart Chain.

Details of the Bitcoin Theft

The scam came to light after users downloaded the malicious “Ledger Live Web3” app, thinking they were using the official Ledger application for managing their offline crypto storage. The unsuspecting victims transferred their digital currencies to the thief’s crypto addresses, totaling a loss of approximately 16.8 BTC valued at nearly $587,238 at the time of the theft, and over $180,000 in Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain.

Chronology of the Scam:

  • Early Detection: The counterfeit app surfaced on the Microsoft Store as early as October 19th, but the significant theft occurred around October 24th.
  • Transaction Trail: On-chain data revealed that the fake Ledger app was involved in at least 38 separate transactions before its removal.
  • Initial Transfers: The first set of funds stolen (estimated at $87,600) was moved on October 24th, 2023.
  • Subsequent Movement: As of the latest reports, a total of $115,760 has been shifted out of the fraudulent wallet.

Response from Microsoft and Ledger

In response to the scam, Microsoft has removed the fraudulent app from its store and assured ongoing efforts to filter out malicious content. Despite the swift action, Ledger had not officially responded to inquiries concerning the scam at the time of the report. Previous instances have seen Ledger warning against such counterfeit applications, advising customers to download software solely from their official site.

Crypto Community Reactions and Warnings

ZachXBT’s uncovering of the scam on the X platform has stirred responses from the crypto community, calling for greater accountability and vigilance. Ledger’s support team has also reiterated warnings regarding fake apps, marking this scam as a recurring threat in the digital wallet domain.

The Bigger Picture in Crypto Security

The occurrence of this scam amid a backdrop of decreasing crypto thefts in October poses a paradox in the crypto space. With $1.4 billion in crypto thefts over the past 10 months and a relative dip to $32.2 million in losses in October alone, the persistent nature of crypto scams remains a concern.

Advice for Crypto Users:

  • Download wallet management apps exclusively from official sources.
  • Stay informed about the latest security threats and scam alerts from trusted crypto analysts.
  • Monitor transaction activities and wallet addresses closely for any unauthorized operations.
  • Engage with community support channels and heed warnings issued by wallet services like Ledger.

Conclusion and Precautions for the Future

As digital assets gain prominence, the threat to crypto investors from cybercriminals continues to escalate. The sophistication of these scams highlights the crucial need for elevated cybersecurity and user education. Investors are urged to be on high alert, especially when downloading wallet management apps and to follow best practices for digital asset security.

For more information on safeguarding digital assets and recognizing scams, interested parties can visit the official Ledger website for guidance and support.

This theft is a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities present in the digital asset space and the importance of heightened security measures. As the market evolves, ensuring the safety of crypto assets against such deceptive tactics remains paramount for the community at large.

For the community at large, the convergence of increased crypto adoption and the sophistication of fraud schemes necessitates a proactive approach to digital security. The unfortunate reality is that the expanding digital currency market provides fertile ground for innovative forms of fraud, exploiting both system vulnerabilities and user trust.

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