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Framework Computer Data Breach: Customer Information Compromised

Ryan Lenett



Framework Computer, a U.S.-based upgradable laptop maker, has recently confirmed a data breach involving the theft of customer information. The breach was initiated via a phishing attack on an employee at Keating Consulting, Framework’s external accounting partner. This attack led to the unauthorized access of personal data of Framework customers.

The Phishing Attack

  • Date and Time: The phishing attack occurred on January 9th at 4:27 am PST.
  • Method: An email impersonating Framework’s CEO was sent to a Keating Consulting accountant, requesting sensitive information.
  • Response: On January 11th, the accountant provided a spreadsheet containing customer names, email addresses, and balances owed.

Framework’s Response

Upon discovery of the breach, Framework promptly notified affected customers and escalated the incident for immediate review. The company has also issued warnings regarding potential phishing emails using the stolen data. Framework’s Head of Finance was informed about the breach 29 minutes after the data was disclosed, leading to an immediate escalation to Framework leadership.

Impacted Parties

Both existing and pre-order customers of Framework were affected, including some who had minor outstanding balances due to discrepancies in tax calculations. The exact number of affected customers has not been disclosed.

Keating Consulting’s Role

Keating Consulting, primarily serving startups, has nearly 300 clients, including prominent names like GoodRx,, and Udemy. The full extent of the breach’s impact on Keating’s other clients remains unknown.

Measures Taken

Framework and Keating Consulting have taken several steps in response to the breach:

  • Mandatory Training: Both firms are implementing mandatory phishing and social engineering attack training for employees handling customer information.
  • Auditing Procedures: Framework is auditing the standard operating procedures of Keating Consulting and other finance consultants who have access to customer data.

Customer Advisory

Framework has advised its customers to be vigilant against phishing attempts and impersonation. Customers are encouraged to verify the authenticity of any communication regarding payment or sensitive information. Framework emphasizes that it will never ask for payment information via email and advises customers to contact support only through their official support channel at

Industry Impact

The breach at Framework Computer is a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities that exist within the tech industry, especially concerning third-party collaborations. The reliance on external partners like Keating Consulting for crucial back-office operations, such as accounting, exposes companies to additional cybersecurity risks. This incident serves as a call to action for businesses in the tech sector to reassess and reinforce their data security measures, particularly when engaging with third-party service providers.

Looking Ahead

Framework Computer is dealing with the fallout from a recent data leak, and by beefing up its security, it’s showing other companies how it’s done. The tech world moves fast, always coming out with new stuff, but now it has to step up its game in cybersecurity to keep customer info safe from hackers who are getting cleverer by the day.

Advice for Consumers

If you got hit by this leak, you’ve got to keep your eyes peeled for any fishy business with your details. You should check your bank statements and credit reports to spot anything out of the ordinary. Also, watch out for dodgy emails trying to trick you; don’t go clicking on links if you don’t know where they come from. Staying sharp online is key.


The recent breach shows we’re getting more worried about cybersecurity in tech, especially when we use outside companies. A framework is showing they care about keeping customer info safe by working on fixing the breach and making their security even stronger.

Framework, founded in late 2019 by former Apple and Oculus engineer Nirav Patel, is known for its support of the right-to-repair movement. Its laptops, such as the Framework Laptop 16, are designed for ease of repair with replaceable parts. The company raised $18 million in Series A funding in 2022, led by Oculus backer Spark Capital. For more detailed information about Framework and its products, please visit their official website.

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