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For the First Time Ever, Startups are Given the Unique Opportunity to Launch into Space as Part of SpaceX’s Transporter-6 Mission!

Cam Speck



For the First Time Ever, Startups are Given the Unique Opportunity to Launch into Space as Part of SpaceX's Transporter-6 Mission!

Tomorrow morning, SpaceX is set to launch an unprecedented 114 payloads into orbit on Falcon 9 – the sixth installment of its Smallsat ridesharing program. It’s a memorable event that won’t be soon forgotten! Although rocket companies have had a lot of practice with launches over time, and SpaceX recorded 61 successful launches in 2021 alone, Transporter-6 serves as a remarkable milestone for small space startups.

These startups include- Launcher pioneering SpaceTag mission. Magdrive completed its inaugural in-orbit technical demonstration, and Epic Aerospace deployed its first space tugboat – an incredible feat!

According to the Launcher CEO Max Haot, SpaceX recently identified a large market opportunity for developing tugboats after their rideshare program launch, which could significantly decrease costs related to launching. To facilitate payloads for ten distinct customers, Orbiter serves as a Launcher tug. Additionally, their team builds small rockets, with the Orbiter serving as its third stage.

He mentioned that space tugs are a great solution for clients who need to get their payloads into a specific orbit, but at an affordable cost compared to booking dedicated rocket launches.

The space tag market is attracting much attention, and his Launcher is not the only company taking advantage. Epic Aerospace, which describes itself as a “space transportation network company,” will launch its Transporter-6 tug for its inaugural flight. Momentus, D-Orbit, and Exolaunch are also making strides in this sector by deploying or hosting satellites on behalf of customers on the mission.

For those looking to achieve a specialized yet expensive mission trajectory, SpaceTag is the solution. It helps when you have diverse options; as he said, “it helps to have multiple orbits.” Access to multiple orbits makes it convenient for rockets and other vehicles used in spaceflight – without compromising cost.

“From the media coverage, it appears that many companies are creating space tugs. However, no one has as of yet,” he asserted.

Magdrive, an innovative British startup specializing in propulsion motors for high-thrust spacecraft, will soon launch its prototype system into space to showcase its on-orbit technology. The motor is powered by a solar module and stores energy before releasing it at variable power levels. Throughout the 12-month mission period, they strive to perform as many loading and unloading actions as possible so that they can collect valuable data.

At precisely 9:56 AM ET, Transporter 6 is set to launch from Space Force Station Cape Canaveral! B1060, the Falcon 9 booster, will take flight for its fifteenth time. In addition to transporting satellites from Planet Labs and Spire Global, Transporter-6 will also ferry payloads for scientific, research, and corporate patrons.

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