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Fleapy: Making it easy to find lowest airfare [startup]




Fleapy is a Malaysia-based start-up that compliments AirAsia cheap airfare. How it works? Pretty easy as Fleapy help users to find the best time to travel throughout the year with AirAsia.


For instance, if you are looking for a honeymoon to Bali; enter location, and select a single or round trip. The system will generate the best month for you to travel, at the lowest rate available for each month. Click on the desired month, Fleapy will then display the date and number of seats available for the offer. If this is done via, you will waste at least another hour to find out when is the best month to travel at the lowest cost possible.

Launched as beta exactly a month ago, Fleapy did not take much time of its two founders to be developed and set free. They started developing Fleapy in late July and less than a month after it was up, Fleapy has now covered more routes from the starting Kuala Lumpur – Singapore route, to Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Gold coast, Delhi, Tehran, Paris, London and Christchurch to name a few.

Since the start-up is still fresh, it is still untested of being capable to cater the extremely high traffic during AirAsia’s big promotion. If Fleapy can survive that hurdle, we definitely believe that its potential is beyond the sky. However, the question remains; how are they going to monetize from such service? And bigger question, will AirAsia attempt to shut it down since Fleapy offers a service by syndicating and redistribute only promo content from

While it’s still hot, you can follow Fleapy updates via blog, Twitter and Facebook. Fleapy is also available at Google Chrome Store. The app is free.

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