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The Fired Google Engineer Files A Complaint Against The Giant Tech Company




James Damore, the former Google engineer, wrote a 3,300-page memo about the innate incompetence of women in Silicon Valley. And now he is out for legal vengeance. Once Damore’s memo hit the public media, Damore’s life went into overdrive. Google fired Damore for claiming women are not good techies due to biological reasons. Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, immediately sent Damore out the door, and Damore wants the National Labor Relations Board to get his job back. The California representative for the Republican National Committee, Harmeet Dhillon, is helping Damore present his case to the board. The complaint may turn into a lawsuit, but Damore is not commenting on that strategy.

Damore’s memo gave him hero status with conservations around the country. Mr. Damore thinks there are not enough conservatives in Silicon Valley. The former Google engineer thinks Silicon Valley is a hostile work environment for conservatives, and he wants to change that perception. There is political discrimination in tech valley, and Google is a psychologically unsafe work environment, according to Damore. Mr. Damore claims he is not part of an alt-right political movement, but many of the people who support him are members of the alt-right.

Google put out a statement that claims the company has strong policies against workplace harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. Google supports the right for employees to publicly express themselves, but Damore’s allegation crosses the line of that support, according to a Google spokesperson. Mr. Damore’s lawyer is trying to find other Google employees who feel the same way about Google and Silicon Valley

There are people who believe the alt-right is drawing power from President Trump. Trump’s supporters come from the far right for the most part. Those groups are coming out of the political woodwork and creating a lot of turmoil. Trump is the instigator of that turmoil, according to Liberals and some members of the Republican party. Some political analysts say there will be more protests from far-right thinkers and more comments that cross the line of equality and freedom in America.

Damore’s case against Google is getting a lot of publicity, but he is not going to get his job back. Some people say Damore is a pawn in the game to fuel controversy. He is just one of many alt-right soldiers who are testing how far they can go before all hell breaks loose. Trump is pushing the political envelope in Washington, and the alt-right is pushing the national political envelope, according to some news reports.

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