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New York City Fans Sue Madonna for Late Concert Starts

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Two New York City men, Michael Fellows of Brooklyn and Jonathan Hadden of the Bronx have taken legal action against pop icon Madonna, alleging a breach of contract and deceptive trade practices. The lawsuit, filed in Brooklyn federal court, accuses the singer and related entities of starting her “Celebration” tour concerts significantly later than the advertised times, leading to various inconveniences for the attendees.

Details of the Complaint

  • Concert Timing Discrepancy: The lawsuit centers around Madonna’s December 13th concert at Barclays Center, where the show, advertised to begin at 8:30 p.m., reportedly started after 10:45 p.m. This pattern was consistent with her concerts on December 14th and 16th.
  • Impact on Fans: The delayed start times resulted in issues like limited public transportation, increased travel costs, and personal inconvenience, particularly for those needing to work or fulfill family responsibilities the next day.
  • Legal Allegations: The plaintiffs argue that the late starts amount to “unconscionable, unfair, and/or deceptive trade practices” and a “wanton exercise in false advertising and negligent misrepresentation.”

Madonna’s History of Late Concert Starts

Madonna’s history with late concert starts isn’t new. She has faced similar legal challenges during her 2019 “Madame X” tour. For instance: In Florida, Nate Hollander sued her and Live Nation for changing the concert time, which led to a decrease in ticket value. Andrew Panos and Antonio Velotta filed a comparable lawsuit for late start times during the “Madame X” tour in Brooklyn, which was settled in July 2020.

Artist’s Response to Previous Accusations

In a past incident, Madonna indirectly addressed these criticisms by stating to an audience in Las Vegas, “A queen is never late.”

Current Lawsuit’s Scope and Madonna’s Recent Challenges

  • Class Action Status: Fellows and Hadden are seeking class-action status for their lawsuit, implying that other attendees of the “Celebration” tour have experienced similar issues.
  • Madonna’s Health and Tour Delays: The “Celebration Tour” itself faced delays, originally scheduled to begin in July 2023 but postponed due to Madonna’s hospitalization for a severe bacterial infection.
  • Previous Delays and Responses: Despite these health challenges, Madonna has been known to start her concerts hours later than scheduled, as seen in other cities including Washington, D.C., and Boston.

Public Reaction and Official Comments

The lawsuit has sparked varied reactions among fans, with some expressing significant frustration over the late starts. Official representatives for Madonna, Live Nation, and the Barclays Center have not yet publicly commented on the recent lawsuit.

Implications for the Music Industry and Fan Experience

Madonna’s lawsuit isn’t just her problem, it’s also highlighting a big issue in the music world – how to be free to create while still being responsible. People who go to concerts are speaking up more and more about shows starting late. This messes with their fun, and it can also mean they have to spend more money and deal with travel headaches.

Artist Responsibility and Fan Expectations

  • Meeting Expectations: Artists are expected to respect the advertised timings of their performances, as fans plan their schedules around these events.
  • Potential Solutions: The industry might need to consider more stringent policies or clearer communication strategies regarding concert timings to avoid such conflicts in the future.

Broader Perspective on Concert Tardiness

While Madonna’s case is prominent, she is not the only artist who has faced criticism for late starts. This issue raises questions about industry standards and whether there should be more accountability for artists in honoring start times.

Concertgoers’ Rights and Recourse

  • Legal Precedents: The outcome of this lawsuit may set a precedent for how similar cases are handled in the future, potentially empowering fans to seek recourse for breaches of contract.
  • Changing Dynamics: This situation could lead to a shift in how concert times are advertised and managed, with a possible move towards more realistic scheduling.


The current court fight really shows how tricky concerts can get, from what fans expect to what the performers and event planners have to do. We’re not sure yet how the lawsuit will end up, but it’s shining a light on how much people going to concerts worry about shows starting on time and being dependable. If you wanna know more about when Madonna’s gonna be on tour or any news, check out her official website.

Image Source: chriswegerCC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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