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Fans’ Petition to Keep Johnny Depp in Pirates of Caribbean is nearly 600k signatures powerful

Jaleel M



Disney heads will have to perceive the future of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise irrespective of Jack Sparrow, i.e., Johnny Depp, as there is no choice left. However, fans of the Fantastic Beasts’ actor don’t feel so and wouldn’t want to enter the studio without Johnny as a part of it.

Protests against the actor’s snub are on and seem that they wouldn’t be silent until Johnny is back onboard. Strong rumors surround that Disney is in plans for multiple projects from the franchise. While some details are wrapped under the carpets carefully, speculation came that Margot Robbie would add female twists to the pirates.

Warner Bros. already spoke about snubbing the actor but Disney chose to remain silent. However, gossips seem to rage like wildfires. Fans of Johnny Depp are not ready to accept the rumors that the actor will not be back as Jack Sparrow. While a petition was being filed at the same time, social networking sites were overflowing with hatred for those cutting ties with the actor.

The petition speaks to not snub the actor and asks Disney to continue casting him as Jack Sparrow. If the reports are to be believed, the petition is trending on top, reaching nearly 600 thousand signatures already. Looks like fans wouldn’t stop until the final cast of the projects is out, as the petition needs only 2,000 signatures to reach 600k. Seems like, it might not take much time though.

Warner Bros. forced Johnny to resign from the Fantastic Beasts movie franchise last year. This came in after the actor lost a case against a tabloid in Britain wherein, he was labeled as a ‘wife beater’. The actor announced the same through his Instagram handle saying that he agreed to the request with respect. 

A newspaper named Sun published that Johnny was rude to his wife Amber Heard and raised questions against his casting in the Fantastic Beasts franchise. The actor sued the publishers after these claims.

A three-week trial was held in July last year between the actor and his wife. The judges, after hearing shreds of evidence from both sides about their tempestuous marriage leading to intense violence from either side and about Johnny’s heavy drinking, ruled against the actor.

The actor had lost both the cases in the UK, one against UK publications that labeled him as ‘wife beater’, along with the divorce case. Later, his wife Amber Heard filed a defamation case against Johnny accusing him of deploying social media bots against her.

Reports are doing rounds that Robert Downey Jr. is helping his friend to make a come back to the industry. Johnny is believed to have been in talks for different projects but none of it is confirmed.

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