Facebook Dramatically Cuts Price for Oculus Rift Console

In order to pull in excited new shoppers the team at Facebook has decided to dramatically reduce the fee for the core Rift bundle.

The field of virtual reality is as promising a genre of technology as their is currently flourishing in the tech world. The appeal of complete immersion into games, movies, and other forms of entertainment is almost hard to contemplate. Still, mainstream VR hardware has had trouble gaining traction among consumers. If there is one company that could make it happen, however, it would be Facebook. Facebook bought into the Oculus Rift, one of the most famous Virtual Reality gaming haedsets, a few years ago. Since then the team at Facebook has been trying to turn the Oculus Rift into the next big thing. People have struggled to catch on so far but a huge price reduction could have shoppers coming running.

In order to pull in excited new shoppers the team at Facebook has decided to dramatically reduce the fee for the core Rift bundle. Typically the Oculus Rift bundle will cost you around $800 — at least that is where Facebook set their launching price point. This is obviously a steep cost to buy into a technology that many consumers are having trouble considering as a mainstream source of entertainment. However, four months ago Facebook dropped the price of their Rift bundle $200. This still did not promote enough sales so Facebook again had the bundle dropped by another $200. Now users can get their first Rift bundle, which includes a headset and a pair of Touch controllers, for just $399. There is no better time or easier way to get into virtual reality.

The new promotion from Facebook is an attempt to seize upon a market that is rapidly looking like it will leave Facebook and the Oculus Rift behind. PlayStation has already released their VR bundle and it looks to be gaining ground, at least with mainstream consumers. PlayStation has the kind of player base that can single-handedly bring a product to the forefront of a market, so Facebook can’t be lax in their approach anymore. This summer promotion is also an indicator that Facebook is preparing to launch some new hardware and software related to their Oculus Rift. If there ever was a time to make a push, it is now.

The Oculus Rift was the first real prototype for virtual reality gaming. Since it rose to popularity many gamers have chosen it as their primary source of play. Still, lagging sales show that gamers are getting impatient waiting for Facebook to work out the kinks.



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