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Facebook Cans ‘Snapchat’-like Application




Mark Zuckerberg is going to be in the news a LOT in the coming months and years as he ramps up what might be one of the most surprising Presidential campaigns since, well, 2016. Politics aside, however, Zuckerberg and his company Facebook have always been on the cutting edge of breaking through into something new. As the most dominant social media network in the world, Facebook is always jockeying for position atop their ladder. Recently there had been news that Facebook was considering creating their own ‘Snapchat’ application in order to try and take on the ‘Snap’ juggernaut. The app was to be called ‘Lifestage’ and it was supposed to innovate the industry. Well, it actually looks like it won’t even be getting off of the ground.

Zuckerberg and the team of developers at Facebook had been carefully crafting Lifestage as an alternative to Snapchat that focused uniquely on the younger crowd. One off the biggest hooks for the application was that it was actually designed for people 21 years old and below. The giant hook for the application, the big way it pivoted away from Snapchat, was to fundamentally limit its audience. The goal, of course, was to create a safer space for younger users to interact with one another. The truth was, however noble the idea, privacy just wasn’t going to work. Registration wasn’t protected so anyone could sign up and look through all of the public Lifestage content.

Lifestage was supposed to be a public, all-in-one video diary that combined the best aspects of Snapchat and the best aspects of Facebook while catering to a younger crowd. Unfortunately in making such a niche product the team of developers at Facebook missed the mark for everyone. The application was yanked from the iOS App Store on August 4th. There was never even an official release for the Android marketplace. In reality, the application never really took off despite some public backing from Zuckerberg himself. The last time the app was updated was in October of 2016. People truthfully didn’t seem to notice the app was gone in the first place.

Still, Facebook isn’t going to let the process go to waste. According to a spokesperson at Facebook the application will be used to funnel in new ideas to Facebook as they continue to develop their platform. This seems like a move just to save face, but it might just be the best case scenario.

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