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How long are eyeshadow palettes good for?

Ryan Lenett



Eyeshadow Palette

Make-up has become a part of woman’s daily lives. People are perfecting their art of winged eyeliner, eyeshadow crease, highlighting the cheekbones, and whatnot to create a perfect look that suits their face and personality. But many people keep on applying from the same product or palette for years which does not give them the desires results. They forget that the product has an expiry date and will react harshly to the skin after its due date. The article aims to answer your questions about eyeshadow palettes- do they expire? How long are eyeshadow palettes good for? What can be done with old eyeshadow palettes and much more?

All you need to know about Eyeshadow palettes-

Eyeshadow palettes are used to add some pop to your face and eyes in particular. To apply the eyeshadow, you have to apply the base correctly and need to choose the color that best suits your look. Eyeshadow palettes that have nude and smokey eye colors are the best as they do not go out of trend. Let us look at some basic questions one needs to know before and after buying eyeshadow palettes.

How long are eyeshadow palettes good for?

The basic question you need to keep in mind is how long are eyeshadow palettes good for? Eyeshadow palettes do have an expiry date. Eyeshadow palettes are good for almost two to three years.  But you should be more careful with cream and water-based eyeshadow palettes as they tend to ruin a lot quicker as compared to other types of eyeshadow palettes. They contain some sort of oil which can break down very easily and cause the product to have a bad texture.

After eyeshadow palettes run past it time they should be kept away from your skin as it can cause allergies or other problems. The eyeshadow palettes have preservatives in them; thus, you should use them for a maximum of three years.

How to tell if your eyeshadow palette has expired?

Another big question is do these things expire and the answer is yes. You should look for any expiry date on the packaging if mentioned. The other ways to know if your eyeshadow palette has expired is through any change in color, the odor or the texture of the eyeshadow.

Your eyeshadow may smell funny or may attain a hard or oily texture thus becoming difficult to blend or feel different on your skin. You also need to keep in mind if the eyeshadow palette has been exposed to an environment of moisture, dry air, or bacteria from fingers, it tends to go bad earlier than it should.

What happens if you use old eyeshadow palettes?

You should never use expired or old eyeshadow palettes as they can cause problems near your eyes, which is a sensitive zone. The old eyeshadow if applied can cause breakouts, acne, pink eye, irritation, allergic reaction, or infection.

Ways you can reuse your old eyeshadow palettes

Here are ways in which you can reuse eyeshadow palettes-

  1. You can use your old eyeshadow palette to make custom nail paints. For doing the same you need to mix your crushed eyeshadow shade with clear or transparent nail paint for exciting results.
  2. You can use your eyeshadow to create a painting.
  3. If there is a just crack in your eyeshadow palette, it can still be used. You can use some alcohol to fix it.

So, be careful and do not use expired eyeshadows. Take care of your eyes and invest in a fresh set of eyeshadow palettes and use your creativity to reuse the old set.

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