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Entrust to Acquire Onfido: A Strategic Move in Digital Identity

Ashley Waithira



In a key step toward improving online identity checks, Entrust—a company specializing in secure identities, payment solutions, and information safety—is set to acquire Onfido. Onfido brings to the table groundbreaking technology that leverages artificial intelligence to confirm IDs. The buy-out, valued at upwards of $400 million, highlights the vote of confidence in Onfido’s cutting-edge tech and its standing in the industry.

Details of the Acquisition

The agreement between Entrust and Onfido is confirmed, but they’re still awaiting official approval. Todd Wilkinson, who leads Entrust, says that incorporating Onfido’s advanced technology into Entrust’s own security products will help the company become a leader in managing digital identities. He highlights that AI technology is becoming more important for improving how we verify identities online.

Onfido is renowned for its use of advanced computer vision and sophisticated machine learning algorithms to inspect IDs, gaining a reputation as a powerful tool against deception while simplifying the user verification process. Established in 2012, Onfido has expanded its reach globally, catering to over 1,200 clients across different countries.

Strategic Implications

  • Enhanced Identity Verification: With more people worried about data theft, there’s a higher demand for good identity checks. Entrust plans to use Onfido’s AI-based verification to offer stronger security and trust in digital dealings.
  • Market Consolidation: This acquisition is part of a larger pattern where companies in the identity verification field are joining forces. This lets companies like Entrust broaden what they do and maintain their lead in the industry.

Onfido is skilled in AI and machine learning, and this pairs well with what Entrust already offers. With Onfido’s tech, Entrust aims to keep up with new security threats and provide top-notch identity services to its clients.

Market Response and Fture Outlook

The tech world is paying attention to this deal, with experts giving it the thumbs up. They expect that together, Entrust and Onfido will spark new ideas and set higher bars for checking digital identities.
Entrust is ready to make the most out of combining forces with Onfido. Using Onfido’s tech, they plan to grow their influence and better serve their customers. Everyone’s looking forward to the deals’ finish line, hoping it’ll kickstart a fresh chapter in safe and smooth online dealings.


The upcoming takeover of Onfido by Entrust is a game-changer for digital identity checks. Joining what each company does best, they’ll meet the rising demand for trustworthy identity services as our lives go more digital.
As keeping safe online becomes a big deal for users and businesses, using AI to verify identities seems like a bright idea. With Entrust at the helm and Onfido’s latest findings, we could be looking at a shinier future for proving who’s who on the internet.

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