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Elion Partners announce alliance with FCC

Esperanza Gomez



A vertically integrated investment firm with a focus in real estate, Elion Partners announced their partnership with the US extension of the Latin American company, Fútbol con Corazón (FCC), translating to Soccer with Heart, on April 5. 

Elion Partners aims to provide the non-profit with expanding resources and funds domestically, to educate the underprivileged youth about market scenarios in the US through soccer-based and hands-on approaches. The firm is in plans to begin with Florida’s Broward County in the Lauderdale Fort.

This alliance between the companies will focus on three significant social elements – female empowerment, mental health, and racial equality, as per The Elion Way methodology, i.e., Elion’s commitment to nurturing its partners, people, and future generations’ betterment.

Shlomo Khoudari, Elion’s Managing partner says, “Empowering our employees and the communities we serve is deeply rooted in our company culture that embraces inclusion, diversity, and social responsibility; by partnering with FCC USA, we are able to do just that.”

The company aims at educating youth and children about some vital issues in the present day while boosting their emotional and social well-being, the statement from Mr. Khoudari read. He further states that people at Elion are excited for being able to support such significant motives and give their share of creating a better future ultimately.

FCC is known to create an impact on more than a million children and their families mostly belonging to the at-risk youth or low-income groups, right from its inception 13 years ago. The company now provides a list of activities like summer camps, parent-teacher summits, and afterschool maneuvers for parents and children since it has a strong mark in the markets of South Florida.

Elion, on the other hand, is a vertically integrated real estate investment platform that is both an operator and a depository. The company employs permanent capital investment vehicles and closed-end funds to manage the assets from real estate.

“By blending values-based sports instruction with health and life workshops, our team is able to empower members of underserved communities to feel confident, disciplined, and motivated in their everyday lives,” said the executive director of FCC USA, Silvia Haba de Merlo.

Silvia thanked Elios for the company’s constant dedication, resources, and time continuing towards FCC USA and said that none of these activities would have been possible without Elion’s generous assistance and support.

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