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El Chapo may be headed to club Fed!




A Mexican federal judge has ruled that the Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman can be extradited to the United States. The USDOJ requested extradition as he could be facing a multitude of charges in the US which is sure to leave him spending the rest of his life in a US Federal Prison.

While the Judge ruled he could be sent to the US that does not mean he will be and with the level of corruption that reaches the highest levels of the Mexican Government it leaves the door open for yet another escape for drug king playboy.

Guzman is now in a maximum security prison very close to the US border which is near El Paso TX. El Chapos lawyers actually requested he be moved because of the poor conditions at Altiplano. In other words he has not been able to pay anyone off yet at that facility.

If he is moved to the US federal prison system he will likely end up at ADX Florence in Colorado which might be better than a Mexican prison it will not be a very comfortable life for someone who has been living the high life for so many years. Many inmates in ADX Florence never see daylight because part of the prison is underground and they are locked down in a small cell for 23 hours per day.

With his escape history and the level of violence his cartel has been known for he is sure to be considered a high risk inmate. According to cnn the United States has been preparing for Guzman’s transfer for months and has been hammering out the security details.

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