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Drone Attack Strikes Syrian Military College: Death Toll Rises Amid Fears of Renewed Violence

Ashley Waithira



A lethal drone strike out of nowhere reduced the graduation ceremony to ruins, mercilessly claiming 89 lives and injuring nearly 300 others. Syria’s official news mouthpiece, SANA, gave us the heartbreaking details. Even five innocent children and 31 women weren’t spared this horrific tragedy. Now here’s the punch in the gut – no group has yet stepped forward to own up to this heart-wrenching act of terror.

Details of the Attack

  • Syria’s military confirmed that the drones, laden with explosives, targeted the ceremony just as it was concluding. The Syrian armed forces have termed this attack as “unprecedented” and have promised a forceful response.
  • Various reports have presented different death tolls, with numbers ranging from 80 to 100. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights cited over 100 casualties and 125 injuries.
  • Syria’s Health Minister Hassan Al-Ghabash mentioned on state television that the toll stood at 80, including six children, with around 240 injured. There are concerns that these numbers might escalate as several victims are in critical condition. 

Reuters reported that Syria’s defense minister was present at the graduation ceremony but departed shortly before the attack.

History of Homs

Honestly, if you look back in time, Homs was typically called the heart of the Syrian revolt. Since 2012, this place has been a fierce battleground, with the government troops on one side and the resistance fighters on the other. Now, it’s not just because they fancy a scrap – Homs is practically smack dab in the middle between Damascus down south and Aleppo up north. It’s all about location, location, location! Anyway, fast forward to 2014, after holding out for two grueling years under siege, the rebels finally tossed in the towel and moved out of town. That’s when the regime marched back in to reclaim their territories, the city was back under government control.

Consecutive Days of Bombardment

  • For three consecutive days, northwest Syria has experienced significant artillery and airstrike assaults.
  • The Syrian Civil Defence documented that these attacks have affected over 20 villages and towns across the Idlib province.
  • The assaults targeted various infrastructures, including power stations and bustling markets, and began around midday local time.

Reactions and International Concerns

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressed profound worry over the drone assault in Homs and subsequent retaliatory actions in northwest Syria. The aftermath of the Homs attack has seen an uptick in military activities, with both Syrian government forces intensifying their offensives and insurgents retaliating in kind.

Significance of the Attack

  • This incident goes to show that the Syrian crisis, despite entering its 13th year, is not yet over.
  • The attack signifies potential weak spots within the Syrian military structure. This is still a concern even though they hold dominion over a large part of the nation with support from allied forces such as Russia and Iran.

In response to this tragic turn of events, Syria declared a three-day period of mourning starting on Friday.

Continued Impact on Civilians

The protracted conflict in Syria has primarily affected the nation’s innocent citizens, with countless displaced from their homes and many more facing daily threats of violence and a lack of essential resources. The recent drone attack is just another instance of the persistent instability and insecurity that Syrians face.

Preventive Measures and Retaliation

Following the drone strike, there were reports of the Syrian military taking action against another drone over Homs. It remains unclear if the drone was successfully neutralized. Fearing further government retaliations, religious authorities in opposition-held areas in northern Syria have suspended Friday prayers in mosques, urging the public to pray at home.

Similarly, educational institutions have been instructed to remain closed over the weekend for safety reasons.

In conclusion, the recent events in Syria emphasize the volatility and complexities of the situation. With varying factions and international interests at play, the country continues to witness intense turmoil and uncertainty. The international community remains watchful, hopeful for a peaceful resolution to the long-standing conflict, as civilians continue to bear the brunt of the clashes.

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