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Goodbye from Dries Van Noten, His Last Show in Paris

Jaleel Mwangi



Famous Belgian designer Dries Van Noten ended his career with a final performance in Paris. He presented his last collection at Paris Fashion Week, after deciding to retire earlier this year. The last show was notable for its impressive collection for Spring/Summer 2025, an emotional speech and the sentimental air around it.

Features of the Final Collection

Dries Van Noten released a range of noticeable footwear styles as part of his Spring/Summer 202 collection that he is known for. Unique shoe designs were on display, such as,

  • Glove boots made out of soft lamb or denim.
  • Mules, moccasins and cross strap sandals in various tones.
  • Flipflops adorned with shearling and velvet.

The collection also drew on Suminagashi, an ancient Japanese marbling method and detailed additions using gold bullion and expensive stones. Each item was special in its own way, showing off natural flaws alongside elaborate patterns.

A Look Back at a Remarkable Career

In an exclusive discussion, Van Noten expressed his thoughts about retiring, his worries and strong passion for fashion. He announced that after close to four decades spent in the sector it was time to step away while letting others carry on with what he started. Despite leaving full time work, Van Noten will still stay associated with the company’s beauty product line and retail store designs.
He reminded everyone that “creation is about making something that lasts even after you’re gone” during his final notes for his show.

Honoring Dries Van Noten’s Achievements

The sendoff was one to remember. The show took place in a large Parisian warehouse and gave off family wedding vibes, complete with extended cocktail snacks. The runway, covered in silver leaf, mirrored the decorated career that Van Noten has had.
His designs were influenced by Belgian artist Edith Dekyndt’s minimalist works and her use of metallic fabrics.

  • About 800 people honoured his last show, including other designers and important industry figures.
  • A leisurely paced fashion presentation helped define the mood of celebration at the event.
  • As a memento, attendees were advised to take a piece of silver leaf from the runway.

The collection featured slim long trench coats, loose fitting suits worn low and blousons adorned with bullion needlework. Highlights included Van Noten’s signature embroidery, color graded patterns and striking floral prints. The design used sheer materials like organza and polyamide to lend a subtle shiny effect to the look.

Personal Goodbyes And What Comes Next

Van Noten mixed around with the audience during drinks, expressing his joy and thankfulness. Despite an emotional roller coaster feeling he is sure about retiring. Both him and his life partner Patrick Vangheluwe who is also retiring plan to spend more time at their holiday house in Italy planning for what lays ahead of them

  • Van Noten will continue guiding the brand as an advisor even after retirement..
  • He will still have say when it comes to influencing decisions about beauty products line or retail store designs sold under brand name
    He will play a key role in them post retirement .
  • For the time being, the couple intends to travel and spend their time gardening, an activity they both enjoy.

Look forward to seeing creative styles and timeless elegance that he’s recognised for continuing even after Van Noten’s withdrawal. His final show was befitting a person who has clocked notable years serving in the fashion field.

Reactions From The Industry

Dignitaries and key players from the fashion industry came in support of Van Noten at his last show. Designer Thom Browne lauded Van Noten for being authentic, mentioning “Dries always stayed himself, that’s why I came.”
Many others corroborated this feeling, acknowledging Van Noten’s unique contribution to the industry over the years.

  • The rest of the Antwerp six members were among visitors celebrating his last show including Ann Demeulemeester.
  • Fashion critics praised him for seamlessly merging fashion with arts.
  • Gestures of love and gratitude from guests showed just how deeply he had impacted them and the world of fashion.

Even though a designer who created unexpected beauty will not be around full time, his influence lives on inspiring new generations of people who decide to join industry in future.
He was committed to every minute detail from start until finish using technology that enabled craftsmanship unheard before. Dries inspires future creativity as we say goodbye. This storied designer will surely continue being remembered through years after stepping away.

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