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Does Winn Dixie take WIC?

Annelise Sylta



Winn Dixie is a grocery store that offers many different types of products. You can find a variety of foods, cleaning supplies, and even clothing at Winn Dixie. The store also provides prescription refills for customers who have a prescription plan with the store.

About Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

It is a Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) that has been working for the last 40 years to help needy women and children. The program helps parents understand nutrition counseling, breastfeeding support, food assistance, and parenting suggestions to help them live a wholesome life.

WIC is a short-term program developed to enhance lifetime nutrition and health. It provides advantages to married and unmarried parents (working and not working) and dads, moms, grandparents, foster parents, or legal guardians living with a child under the age of five.

How Can WIC Aid My Family?

WIC provides nutrition, breastfeeding aid, health education, and remuneration for other charges for children below the age of five, pregnant women, mothers, and infants. WIC guides mothers about what to eat and what to feed their kids below five for a healthy life.

List of Services and Benefits provided by WIC?

  •    Healthy edibles.
  •    Personalized nourishment counseling.
  •    Breastfeeding counseling and aid.
  •    Referrals to childcare and health insurance timetables.
  •    Medical-dental care referrals.
  •    Health-social favor resources.

Does Winn Dixie take WIC?

Yes, Winn Dixie accepts the ETB by WIC but only at specific locations. Check this list of Winn Dixie stores that accept ETB by WIC. Check the complete list here.

Where can I use my eWIC card to shop?

To know where you can use your eWIC card, check the list provided to you by your WIC Authorized Vendor or your local WIC office. Scan your Approved Vendor inventory or ask a customer care representative at the mart if they accept WIC EBT or not. Some marts may keep the WIC logo on the entrance or front window so you can understand that they take WIC. You can use your eWIC card at any WIC-authorized grocery mart.

What does the WIC program help with?

The WIC program supplies monthly food benefits to buy nutritious foods at qualified grocery marts. Not everything at the store is eligible for purchase with your WIC Card. So, select accordingly.

Foods You Can Buy through WIC EBT card?

The WIC food list contains fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, canned fish, baby food, beans, peanut butter, juice, cheese, yogurt, infant WIC-approved cereal, WIC baby formula, whole grain foods such as rice, cereal, tortillas, bread, and pasta. If you use this card, you will have up to $50-$150 a month. Your WIC-eligible foods will vary depending on your child’s age, medical conditions, and choices. Soy milk, lactose-free milk, and other options are available for your WIC list items.


To conclude, Winn Dixie does take WIC! So if you’re looking to buy some healthy food on a budget, check with your local Winn Dixie first before heading to another chain.

Anne Lise is an MBA graduate with a passion for doing business research and fashion reviews. She has been with Busybodytribune for over 4 years now, and is the lead editor for the magazine.

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