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Does Exness have NASDAQ?

Annelise Sylta



Exness is a Forex and CFD trading platform that when on to become one of the top players in the market in 2008. It is an FSCA-authorized broker and provides trading access in currencies, crypto, indices, stocks, commodities, and metals. Exness is an award-winning online broker with low fees, low spreads, and optimal trading conditions. Their website has shown steady growth since an update to the MT4 trading platform.

What is NASDAQ?

In 1971, NASDAQ became the world’s first electronic stock exchange with over $1 trillion in market capitalization. It is also one of the leading stock exchanges due to the high concentration of technology stocks. There are numerous equity indices worldwide, but NASDAQ 100 remains the most widespread index. NASDAQ 100 is an index representing the global market capitalization of companies like Google (Alphabet), Amazon, Facebook, Tesla, Apple, Microsoft, and many more.

How is the NASDAQ 100 calculated?

The NASDAQ 100 represents individual companies just like any other global stock market index that fluctuates throughout the day with the change in stock prices. The value of the NASDAQ 100 index is calculated by taking the last sale price of each security and multiplying it by its index share weights, then dividing by the index divisor.

Any company willing to trade on the NASDAQ 100 index must be listed on the NASDAQ Global Select and Global Market tiers. Here are specific requirements that a company must meet before being listed on NASDAQ:

  • The public offering should have been made three months ago.
  • Trade roughly 200K shares.
  • Provide a quarterly report and an annual report.

Since NASDAQ 100 index is highly capitalization-weighted; however, the company’s weight cannot exceed 24% of the index value. NASDAQ also adds and removes companies quarterly as per their market capitalization. NASDAQ 100 accounts for 67% of the entire NASDAQ’s market capitalization.

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Does Exness have NASDAQ?

Traders in South Africa can trade in NASDAQ 100 without owning any securities through CFDs. Exness, a CFD broker in South Africa, offers various features for trading on NAS 100. The USTEC 100 (NAS 100) stock index is available through CFDs for the traders to speculate both long and short.

On Exness, one can find the NA100 index under the USTEC symbol, which is available for Raw, Standard, Pro, and Zero accounts. The NA100 index provides substantial exposure and daily fluctuations in the market prices to its followers. The Exness NASDAQ is known for its volatility and volume. It is regulated by US authorities and supervised by the Federal Exchange. So, yes, Exness provides access to NASDAQ.  

How to trade NASDAQ (USTEC) on Exness?

Here is how to trade NASDAQ on Exness following these steps:

  • Create an account and join Exness.
  • Download and log in to MT4/MT5.
  • Under the “Market Watch” section, click on NASDAQ (USTEC) to open trade.

Exness offers CFD on the US Tech 100 index on a standard account, with a margin requirement of 1% and a typical spread of 4.2 pips per contract.

Market hours for NASDAQ 100 index on Exness

Trading hours for Exness NASDAQ 100 are between 9:30 and 16:00 (EST). However, the price calculation for the NASDAQ index is done during the pre-market (04:00-9:30 EST) and aftermarket (14:00-19:30 EST) hours. Hence, enabling you to monitor USTEC and trade NASDAQ stocks at any time via Exness.

Bottom Line

Here is all your information about Exness and trading NASDAQ 100 on Exness.

“Happy Trading!”

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