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Dior Bolsters Its Dream Team with Surfer Kauli Vaast Ahead of Paris Olympics




With the Paris Olympics right around the corner, the famous French high-end label Dior is carefully growing its team of ambassadors. They’ve recently recruited 21-year-old surf whiz, Kauli Vaast, who comes from Papeete in French Polynesia. Choosing Vaast is a big move that mixes high fashion with top-tier sports, proving Dior’s dedication to top-notch performance and boldness, whether it’s in style circles or at the Olympic games.

Meet Kauli Vaast: A Rising Star in Surfing

Background: Raised in French Polynesia, Vaast has made quite a splash on the surfing scene. His home waves at Teahupo’o, which will host the 2024 Olympic surfing competition, are notorious for their power.

Qualification and Recognition: At the 2023 ISA World Surfing Games held in El Salvador, Vaast clinched his spot for the Olympics. Dior, a giant in fashion, praises him as their fresh face of surfing, saying he’s bold and brilliant—just like them.

Historical Feat: Back in August 2021, Vaast grabbed everyone’s attention when he tackled a monstrous 10-meter wave at Teahupo’o. This amazing feat just goes to show his guts and ability.

Dior’s Trailblazing Strategy with Sports Figures

The First Male Athlete Endorser: It’s quite a big deal that Vaast is the pioneer male athlete to be part of Dior’s squad as they gear up for the Olympics.

A Variety in Representation: Dior also brought on board gymnast Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos and wheelchair tennis ace Pauline Déroulède, showcasing their embrace of diversity in their choice of reps.

LVMH Support: The parent corp of Dior, LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton happens to be a top-tier sponsor for the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games, tying the brand even closer to elite sports competitions.

The Importance of Brand Reps in Modern-Day Fashion

In today’s cutthroat fashion scene, brand reps are key players – they’re not just the face but the living essence of what the brand stands for. Dior’s selection of Vaast is more than about his physical skills; it highlights his innovative mindset and relentless commitment, traits that match what Dior is all about.

Why Kauli Vaast is a Prime Pick for Dior

An Ideal Union: The match-up of Vaast’s daring surfing style and Dior’s striking fashions seems right on point.

Prior Surf Ventures: Dior has dived into surfing before, having launched an upscale wetsuit with Vissla and a fancy surfboard in cahoots with French designer Notox.

Ongoing Surf Interests: Their continuing attraction to surfing shines through, like their previous backing of surfer Kanoa Igarashi at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Vaast’s Excitement for the New Role

Kauli Vaast is thrilled to team up with Dior, a brand he looks up to for its boldness and inventiveness. His dedication to surfing and how far he’s come hand in hand with what Dior stands for, make this collaboration a great fit that brings together style and sport. Vaast shared the news on Instagram with a photo of himself looking sharp in a Dior suit, showing he’s all in to represent the French fashion house’s flair and class. To find out more about this cool partnership, check out Dior’s official website.

How Vaast as an Ambassador Changes Dior’s Worldwide Reputation

More Attention: By bringing on board someone energetic and young like Vaast, Dior can attract an audience that’s both younger and more varied. This step should make the brand even more known, not just in fashion circles but also among sports enthusiasts.

In Tune with Today: With surfing set to make waves at the Olympics, linking up with a top surfer like Vaast puts Dior right in line with current cultural trends.

Reflecting Today’s Values: Teaming up with Vaast shows Dior’s pledge to support values like inclusion, and diversity, and celebrating unique skill sets, which meets today’s shoppers’ expectations.


All things considered, snagging Kauli Vaast as a face for Dior is a move full of meaning and strategy. It’s proof of the brand’s push for innovation, and its eagerness to back stars who break the mold of typical fashion circles. With the Paris Olympics on the horizon, this alliance promises to put a spotlight on both the sportsman and the brand, highlighting bravery and brilliance in what they do. Learn more about Kauli Vaast and his collaboration with Dior here.

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