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Daniel Brühl’s Stylish Foray as Karl Lagerfeld

Cam Speck



The Selfridges cinema in London buzzed with excitement during the premiere of ‘Becoming Karl Lagerfeld’, a new Disney+ series. Celebrities, style leaders, and media were present to see Daniel Brühl’s unique experience of portraying famed designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Brühl initially found the idea of playing Lagerfeld amusing, saying, “I laughed about it before seeing its potential.” His preparation involved remembering his lone meeting with Lagerfeld, who had photographed him early in his career. He compared Lagerfeld to Andy Warhol due to both personalities’ charm and cool factor.

Glimpsing into Lagerfeld’s History

Lagerfeld left a considerable legacy in fashion upon passing away in 2019. He marked history as the creative director of Chanel from 1983 until his death and made substantial contributions to Fendi and his own label. His white hair, black sunglasses, and high collars became signature fashion statements.

Brühl found depicting such a multilayered character appealing yet challenging. He thoroughly studied Lagerfeld’s life and work for an authentic portrayal. “Getting into his character meant understanding his significant impact on fashion,” he stated.

  • The series covers Paris’ high spirited fashion scene in the 70s, focusing on Lagerfeld’s developmental years.
  • Lagerfeld’s intensive relationships are probed –including rivalry with Yves Saint Laurent (played by Arnaud Valois).
  • Jacques de Bascher as portrayed by Théodore Pellerin–Lagerfeld’s partneradds layers through their strong yet turbulent connection.

The series emphasises the relationship between Brühl and Pellerin, exploring the profound emotional and professional ties between them. “Working with Théodore was informative, lending realism to the potent love story we enacted,” said Brühl.

Premiere Around The World And In Anticipation

Post its London debut, ‘Becoming Karl Lagerfeld’ was featured at the Cannes International Film Festival. Before premiering in Paris, Brühl expressed his amazement at the series’s universal charm and being screened on such influential platforms.

“The French know a thing or two about hosting premieres, and Cannes didn’t disappoint one bit,” shared Brühl. He also commented on the positively overwhelming response to the series, reflecting Lagerfeld’s effect on fashion.

‘Becoming Karl Lagerfeld’ is set to launch globally on Hulu and Disney+ on June 7. The experience fills Brühl with anticipation. Commenting on this endeavour, he said “Playing Lagerfeld means journeying through fashion history peppered with unique personal accounts that I believe will captivate viewers.”

The series merges splendid costumes with in depth exploration of the man who created iconic fashions. It aims to allow viewers an insight into Lagerfeld’s creativity, his vulnerability, and his lasting impact in fashion.

Final Thought

‘Becoming Karl Lagerfeld’ adds significant depth to how famous figures are portrayed on television. Daniel Brühl’s intensive study into Lagerfeld’s unique and intricate character, along with the lavish environment of Paris fashion in the 1970s, offers a fresh perspective on the esteemed designer’s life and career.

The series celebrates Lagerfeld’s creative talent while also revealing personal aspects of his life, providing a detailed look that exceeds the surface level public image. As viewers wait for the series to air, they can look forward to a thrilling fusion of remarkable fashion design and captivating narrative that truly encapsulates Karl Lagerfeld’s remarkable path.

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