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The Curious and Storied Career of Lori Senecal, Global CEO




Lori Senecal, the Global CEO at Crispin Porter & Bogusky, attributes her current success to her early life. She says that the success of her older siblings provided her with motivation to achieve greater goals in life and her career. Looking and analyzing her success story, it is easy to conclude that she made her dreams come true.

Lori’s Ups and Downs on Making it to the Top
Soon after graduating from the university with a degree in Sales and Marketing, Lori Senecal joined the employment world and turned everything she touched into a success. She has the talent of leading companies and organizations in a better state than when she first joined them. Her dedication to bringing out the best in people and companies has made her popular among employers who would like her to be the leader of their organizations. The life of Lori Senecal is nothing less than a success story.

In 2003, using her innovation skills, she conceived and launched TAG Ideation; a young-adult marketing unit. Lori is rich with knowledge in multinational account expertise with a significant amount of experience in data analytics. She has worked with some of the world’s popular brands such as Staples, Nestle, Xbox, Weight Watcher’s, Sprint, Applebee’s, InBev, Nabisco, and Molson. Also, she has served as the Coca Cola’s Global Accountant Director. Since October of the year 2005 until 2008, she served DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc. in the position of a Chief Marketing Officer.

Later, she was promoted to head the entire Sales and Marketing division. Because of playing a key role in the realization of TAG Ideation, McCann Erickson Worldwide which is part of the McCann Worldgroup Inc allowed her to serve the company in the capacity of a Co-Managing Director of TAG- New York. Lori was later appointed and served McCann Worldgroup as Accountant Management Director and the Executive Vice President. In 2009, she became the President, Chief Executive Officer and a partner of Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners.

Between 2014 and 2015, Lori served MDC Partners Inc both as a Director and a Chief Executive Officer. In March 2015, Senecal was the Worldwide Chief Executive Officer of the Crispin Porter and Bogusky. As from the start of April 17, 2015, she was appointed the Director of the Advertising Council, Inc. It is mind blowing to see how a single person can have so many achievements. Nonetheless, Lori’s story does not end here.

A Myriad of Achievements
She is a member and a director at the Ad Council Board with innovative and competitive leadership skills that explains her successful career and life. In 2013, she won a Quantum Leap Award during the AWNY Game Changer Awards for her innovative and impressive leadership skills. In 2014, she was named the woman to watch in the industry and world of advertising. What makes Lori Senecal even more popular is her ability to grow companies within a short period of time. As a result, any employer who brings her on board is always certain that she is going to execute her duties appropriately and accurately to yield positive results for the company. The most recent recognition received by Lori Senecal was from Fast Company putting her on the spot as the Most Creative People in Business in 2017.

Lori Senecal’s Strengths in Leveling Up a Team
Before joining MDC partner, Lori Senecal served Global Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of kbs+. Under her able leadership, the company was listed among the best places to work in within New York. Furthermore, it grew from 250 private agency person to a remarkable number of 900 people globally. In an instant, after Lori had joined kbs+, it became a standout agency to reckon with and always made it to the list of Advertising Ages for three consecutive years. Similarly, while she was the President and CEO of MDC Partner Network, a tremendous improvement was realized. She deepened MDC’s working and models and thereby introducing and driving strategic visions that promoted collaboration and growth of the entire MDC network. Lori recently found a new leadership role at the CP+B Company where she is expected to oversee the coordination and expansion of more than eight international company offices. She rose to her rank after infinity awarded $450 million of its global accounts to CP+B. Ever since she joined the company in 2015,

Lori Senecal has introduced positive change in the Agency’s culture and ways of doing business and in so doing increased its agility and collaboration making it a truly modern company. Her leadership skills have lifted and fueled entrepreneurship spirits in the Agency. She mainly focuses on innovation talents that can be used to initiate change and growth with a company. Due to these tremendous and rapid growths, Advertising Age recently recognized CP+B as a hub of Creativity Innovators of the Year in 2017. Lori’s name was also among the few that made it to the list of the only four Agency Executives to Watch in 2016. Furthermore, on numerous occasions, she has been named among Adweek’s Power 100 List for the past two consecutive years to recognize and appreciate her role as an influential leader in marketing, media, and technology.

Fast Company recently honored her leadership contributions in the revolution of future ways of doing business. Lastly, Lori Senecal also plays a crucial role in partnering with clients of the organizations or companies she heads to help optimize flawless structures across partner capabilities. While at kbs+, she greatly focused on the company’s global vision and overall growth. Lori continues to offer industry insights and thought leadership through motivational speaking seminars and meeting or when she comes on television for an interview.

The Talent Never Ends
Besides leadership, Lori has other skills that help in her quest to always do better in her work. She is an expert in advertising, integrated marketing, and a digital strategist. Also, she is brilliant brand architecture with advanced knowledge in E- commerce, providing creative direction, and how to develop and actualize new business ideas. As she continues to pursue her career, Lori advises employees to invent careers they desire.

Her passion for entrepreneurship has made her to mentor young business-minded people. She has also incubated startups pitched by employees during forums organized by companies to inspire innovation among workers. In 2014, she was a Jury chair lady and a co-founder of the Isaac Award organization whose sole purpose was to honor and celebrate different inventions from students.


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